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Reasonably-Priced Packaging Solutions for Catchy Retail Boxes

Viveprinting is the one–window solution as we make attractive packaging at reasonable prices. Our bespoke packaging can grab the market. We have many years of experience in the packaging industry. We ensure our clients get luxurious presentations for their product’s boxes.

Our team is committed to providing you with low-priced packaging solutions. We can craft custom boxes according to your brand’s needs. We guarantee you will shortly get discounts once you order here. Also, we are one of the leading custom retail packaging manufacturers in Canada and make premium packaging on clients’ requirements.

We have special features to serve you with affordable packaging solutions because:

  • Get free die plate service.
  • Enjoy free design services for your boxes.
  • Printing choices with top-quality techniques.
  • Offering competitive prices.
  • Get products with less turnaround time.
  • Free shipping to save more.

Book your orders now and obtain a low cost packaging solution today!

Effective Custom Retail Packaging Solutions for Every Business

Every business needs a packaging solution that is efficient and effective. So, here at Viveprinting, our main focus is on efficient and effective services for personalized boxes. Our designers are experts in crafting these boxes with any desired features just for our beloved clients.

Our designers create and print custom boxes wholesale just to provide you with another benefit of confirming the product’s availability in stores.

With this, you will have no fear of product shortage, and thus, buyers will buy it according to their needs. Pick our wholesale branded packaging today. Review our customization choices for retail packaging:

Pick Materials of Your Own Preference for Quality Packaging

Our aim is to provide you with splendid packaging with your selected materials. Here, we have a wide range of materials that you can pick for custom shipping boxes. You can go with the following choices for packaging materials:

  • Kraft
  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated
  • Cardboard

Our team is highly skilled, and they will make exceptional packaging with the above-mentioned materials. Also, you can go with eco-friendly packaging choices just to give extra benefit to your customers and promote the environment in the long run. Our custom-made packaging is strong and can hold your products firmly until it reaches the end-users. You can rely on us as we ensure secure delivery.

Endless Choices for Your Box Styles

Get a box that is distinctive and has great worth in the market. Our manufactured boxes are eye-catching and thus will grab great attention when displayed in the market. We have amazing choices of box styles for tailored boxes. Have a look at the following and pick the best for you:

  • Window
  • Die-cut
  • Auto-lock
  • Tray
  • Tuck-in
  • Display
  • Pillow
  • Drawer

You can pick any of our box styles to make it more enticing and unique. Box style is one of the key features that customers see and get attracted to immediately, so go with the best option for your brand and discuss it with our team. We will make it pleasing to the eye with your preferences.

Universal Options for Printing and Finishing Services

We have versatile choices here for printing and finishing services. With our exceptional services, we allow our clients to stay distinctive by picking more options for a single product. Our customization choices are incredible and will lead you to success.

Printing Choices:

Offset Printing: It is also known as litho printing; in this technique, the metal plates are offset to rollers, and then they are transferred to the printing material.

Digital Printing: In this printing technique, the selected image is printed directly onto the product.

Screen Printing: It is a printing way in which our team uses a mesh that transfers ink onto a substrate. Only a few areas are made impervious to the ink by a blocking stencil.

Finishing Choices:

Gloss Lamination: If you need to add a shiny look to your boxes, this method is perfect for picking as it adds a luxury touch.

Matte Lamination: Here, we have the matte choice for our clients, too, if you want something sober and decent.

Debossing: If you need your brand log, any image, or any writing on your packaging that is highlighted above, you can pick this option.

Embossing: This technique is similar to debossing, but in this, the impressions are raised against the background.

Foil Stamping: To make your products shiny and add an elegant look, we have foil stamping options for you. In this way, we apply colored foils to your products. 

Spot UV:  It is also known as spot coating or spot varnish. Special coats are done on the products just to secure the prints inside.

All of our customization choices are easy to get, which makes your products remarkable in the market. Customers easily get attracted once you have made them alluring with complete locking features on it.

Get our Economical Priced Boxes

We are well aware of the circumstances, and that is why our company has brought economical packaging box services within Canada. Get our customized cartons with striking prints and designs. Our team ensures the quality and features are securely locked, which will never make your packaging fade and dull. The best part is that it is designed according to your needs but under your pocket margin.

Viveprinting is the best-ever printing and packaging service provider. We have worked with several clients and have made packaging beyond expectations. Our team will make every project under your budget with all customization choices you need. Our custom-made packaging has all the essential features that allow your products to stand confidently in the market. It is best for small and newbies in Canada. Book your orders and enjoy remarkable services today.


How do you place orders for custom retail packaging?

We have our customer care support team that is especially for communicating with our clients for ordering, designing, and suggestions. You can place an order by calling them or by clicking get a quote and filling in all the information in the form.

What to choose for fragile products?

We have many packaging boxes for your fragile products that will keep them fresh and in real condition. You can go with our retail cardboard boxes, wholesale, retail boxes, or custom boxes. We design it with sturdy materials to bear heat, cold, pressure, and other environmental factors.

Can you provide samples for my project?

Once you confirm ordering from us, we design samples according to your shared knowledge. After that, we send it to you for confirmation or alteration.

What is the minimum order I can place for custom retail packaging?

You can place an order minimum of 100 for custom boxes.

What design is perfect for personalized boxes?

Our company provides you with all essential and attractive designs and prints for your projects. We have a talented and skilled team that will serve you with design support and queries.

Why to choose Spot UV?

If you have picked attractive prints and designs but do not pick choices for locking all features, then the quality may decrease in less time. For this purpose, we offer a spot UV feature that adds a coating for locking all your custom features on the packaging.

Why should I consider your Eco-friendly Packaging choices?

Viveprinting offers several choices for eco-friendly packaging in which inexpensive materials are used that save you money.

Do you have delivery charges?

We ship free for our beloved clients and have express delivery so you can get your project to your doorstep in less time.

What business or industries do you deal with?

We haven’t limited anyone to reach us. Whether you are a small or large business, you can order from our website without any hesitation. Contact our CSR team for booking orders and detailed guidance.

How do I choose colors for my projects?

With our color palette choices, you can easily decide the color combinations with respect to your brands. So, there is no need to worry. Our team will assist you.