Table Tents

Table Tents are self-promotional units that are designed and printed out of various objects, and are placed at tables, counters, podiums, desks, or anywhere that matters. It’s nearly impossible that you go on a dinner-date and don’t get alerted by a table tent lying on the table. It may promote the restaurant’s best soup or pull your craving towards the Chef’s special steak. The design and the offer both tickle your senses and you just order it!
Table tents are cost-effective marketing tactics that let you promote your best product, service or any pitch with unimaginable returns. Its three dimensional shape, simplicity, cost, design variations and instant visibility make it one of the first choices of every marketer or businessman. At, we promise to create something that leaves a lasting impression.
Table Tents are generally used in service industries including restaurants and bars; there are dozens of areas where you may consider placing one. These include beauty salons for latest services and charges, banks for latest offers, real estate offices for new listings, cafes and coffee shops for discounts, gyms for new machines or services, calendars, tradeshows or conferences for the conference brief and keynote speakers, seminars, hotels and etc.
What are the must three things you need to consider before ordering us for table tents?
– the photo on the table tent
– the message on the table tent
– the location you want to place it
Leave the first two to our team and think about the third one, as you never want to place a table tent where it remains in the backdrop.
Apart from standard and our ready-made variations, we’re excited to create customized table tents by using exceptional and imaginative design expertise.

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