Static Clings

Static Clings are basically decorative stickers used indoors and outdoors to serve various purposes including advertisement, promotion, public information, and personalization. These have basically three layers; one at the back, on front, and one in the center (the Cling itself). Clings have long been used as a key strategy for conveying media messages; advertising brief details, product knowledge, product identification and nomination, and for a number of so many good reasons. These are sticky and can be placed on various surfaces. Interestingly, since clings can be produced in a number of sizes, they can be put to lovely design and print experimentation. For instance, with gloss laminations, they get lustrous, brighter and incredibly captivating.

Clings can be used by a variety of businesses to suit their personalized requirements. These are pasted to vehicles for security and membership authorizations, or to musical instruments or other systems to personalize them, and most importantly, for advertising purposes, as these are both cost-effective and manageable. Additionally, clings can be used for communicating instructions or warnings; for example “no smoking clings” and “push and pull cling” on doors.

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