How to Place an Order?

Uncover the seamless journey of turning your ideas into reality. Follow these simple steps to make your purchase hassle-free:

Buy Premium Quality Printing & Packaging Box

We welcome you to get premium quality printing and packaging services. Our company has been in the packaging industry for many years and offers quality printing choices to our clients. We excel in secure packaging choices with sturdy materials that will bear the external forces easily. It will remain in its actual state unless it reaches the final destination. Here at Viveprinting, you can avail yourself of a broad spectrum of packaging services. Your demands and requirements will be fulfilled here if you buy custom boxes in Canada.

You can totally depend on the printing and packaging features we offer. Get any choice of business cards, printed envelopes, promotional materials, and many more things. Our team will design these products according to your brand logo and details. We have a simple and easy ordering procedure that anyone can book smoothly.

How to Buy Printing and Packaging Services at Viveprinting

Get Accurate Size of Packaging Boxes

Whenever you are planning to place an order, make sure you have a rough draft in your mind about the measurements. Here, we show you drawings with measurements that include the length, height, and width of the boxes so that your products fit inside them very nicely. This first step helps our clients to get the boxes accurately.

Get Your Choice of Box Style

Box style is the choice of every client to pick according to their brand story and product shape. We make several styles of packaging boxes that allow you to stay apart from your competitors. You can talk to our designers for further details if you need some more info. Here, we have custom packaging boxes for sale: Pillow boxes, tuck-in and tuck-top boxes, auto-lock boxes, slider boxes, drawer boxes, gable boxes, mailer boxes, and many more are available on our website. Choose wisely to attract more customers.

There is an important part of packaging that we never ignore, which is the internal presentation of the product. We have a wide range of options for internal features, too. Our clients can get inserts, cushioning, partitions, and more things depending on the requirements. These features enable you to make unique choices to stand out.

Visit Our Website:

Visit us to find the best possible choices we are offering. Put yourself in the world of striking printing choices and remarkable packaging services. Welcome to the Viveprinting web portal, where you can enhance the beauty of your products by ordering our wide range of products. Here, you can enjoy a smooth online journey, so explore uncountable possibilities.

Browse Product Categories:

Get to know more information about our printing facilities and packaging boxes mentioned below. We have a broad range of categories to show you our creative products. We have customized packaging, business cards, and promotional products. With our plenty of available services, you have various possible choices. It will help you to get the compatible option to stay unique and have a preferred artistic presentation.

Select Your Box:

Pick a product from the given range according to your product’s quality. In this step, you will be finalizing the success factor for your brand. You can have this by classifying the selected category that is perfect for you. Go with your favorite product and be in the world where you choose the box materials, measurements, quantity, printing choices, finishing options, add-ons, and many others depending on your packaging needs. 

Request a Custom Quote

The next stage is to have a quote. We make it easiest for our clients. Go on to the quote page. There, you will get the cost details with respect to your selected choices. You have to select box measurements, box style, quantity, and customization choices. So, let’s get it done today!

  1. Approval of design/artwork: You can share the planned design that you have in your head. We will design your artwork according to your preferences, and if you want us to plan the design on our own, there is no issue for us.
  2. Check our Acute Guide: Review our guide for more details. There, you can get all the relevant information about the measurements. Our team is available to guide you in every stage to make your project outstanding.

Check-out Process:

It will be effortless to steer while checking out. In this part, you will be in your billing and transferring stage. Accurate and express delivery of our custom packaging and printing relies on this stage. It has been confirmed by our QA team that all the services received are accurate and of appropriate quality. It is made creatively so our clients can finalize everything in a smooth way. This step will lead you to be closer to getting your thoroughly designed products.

Payment Options:

Our way of payment is made highly secure to provide complete security to our clients. Your personal details and data are kept private. Here, you have many flexible payment choices that can help you according to your convenience. Pick the one that you are familiar with and comfortable with. You can go with PayPal or credit card choice or any safe option you can communicate the perfect way to us. It will surely make your shopping experience easy and secure at Viveprinting. 

Order Confirmation:

We have a quick confirmation response on your every purchase. An email is sent to confirm the payment sent to us instantly to avoid hassles. All the detailed information regarding your order is mentioned in that email, which will clarify things for you once again. Even the shipment method is explained there, and we will confirm the days of receiving your products. There are no hidden charges and details. So you will be confident about your processed project.

Shipment Method

Our team is dedicated and ensures a secure shipment procedure. They work smartly to give you timely delivery of your products at your doorstep. We have a well-known courier partner that has never delayed their work.

We have the authority to trace the shipments to have no hurdles. You even have access to talk with our Customer Support Agents about the shipment tracing. Here, you are in safe hands and will never be disappointed. Get your products in their actual condition. You can receive your orders here in 12 to 14 business days.

Share with us if you have any orders for reservation. We would love to be your partner and satisfy you according to your customization choices and needs.

Track Your Order:

By using the tracking details, you can make yourself aware of the orders. We also have your details to inform you side by side with the production and shipment process. Our team will guide you with each step that will never put you under stress. Also, you will be informed about the shipment route when it is on its way.

Still, if you have any queries or concerns, please don’t keep them with you. Share them with us at contact us details.


Frequently asked questions

How can I order from Viveprinting?

Ordering at Viveprinting is the easiest way. Simply go on to the part of Get a Quote, fill in the details in the form, and click the submit button for your quote.

Your file must be in PDF, AI, or JPEG and in high resolution. It will allow our team to see exactly what you want; otherwise, we have to ask you again for another file if it’s not in the appropriate format.

Here, you can place a minimum order of 100 boxes for a single project. But if you order wholesale, you have the opportunity to get your project done at a low cost.

We accept your samples in PDF, AI, and JPEG files. Our customer care team will guide you for further sample requirements if needed.

Turnaround time depends on your order quantities, but our turnaround time is usually 12 to 14 business days.

Yes, we are offering express delivery to send your products without wasting any single day.

It is not easy to make changes or modifications, but for our beloved clients, we will do that happily. All you have to do is contact our CSR team.

On our website, we have detailed guidelines based on return and refund policies. Review it and find what is suitable.

Here, we have a wide variety of customization options, from picking materials to measurements. We allow our clients to choose alluring color platters. Also, there are plenty of box styles that help you stay unique. Moreover, you can review our main page, where all box styles are mentioned.

We offer discounts to our regular clients when they order in bulk amounts. Also, we have special offers on specific events like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and so on. For further details, you have to stay connected.

We have a special team that will listen to your details. You can contact us at, and if you need to talk with our designers, we have this room for our clients, too.

Yes, you can order the same project; log on to the account from which you have ordered already. Go into the history and then go with the option of reordering.

Yes, we are dealing with many international clients. There are the same methods for almost every country, so you can place your orders smoothly on our websites.