Hang Tags

It’s not only what the name suggests, it is rather more! Hang Tags these days have become brand tags. When you’re not there to sell out your product personally, let a very cool hang tag does it for you. Hang tags are wonderful in telling your customer a story that is really convincing and long lasting. As human beings, we believe in what we see; therefore, a carefully designed and professionally printed hang tag can get your brand/product an aura that is compellingly influential. Our hang tags give information, impression, trust, value, beauty and much more to pull the potential buyers. No matter you are a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, distributor or anyone with a product to sell, our eco-friendly and sleek hang tags know how to convey who you are and what value your product have.
At Viveprinting.com, we suggest our clients to consider the following points before creating content for the tag:
– It must have selling features and product promotion
– It must be informative, making the people aware of the brand features, use instructions, materials, made, nomenclature etc.
– It must have your contact details, in case the potential client shows interest to know you a bit more. You can include your address, contact number or website link.
Must-have features for the design:
– Attention grabbing through attractive images, fonts, color themes and logos
– integrating the tag with the packaging in an aesthetic way
– Selection of a heavy paper stock; preferably coated gloss or matte papers, for a sleek and glossy look
– Small drill holes (1.8”) with thin plastic fasteners or bigger holes (1/4”) for ribbon, fabric or thicker plastic.
– Material and length of the string
– Option of barcode

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