What is the Role of Custom Printed Boxes in a Product’s Success?

What is the Role of Custom Printed Boxes in a Product's Success?


A traditional packaging box gives a boring and dull look to the buyers. What do manufacturers need to do to build their buyer’s interest in their products? Make their product presentation better. Use custom printed boxes for this reason. A packaging box with customized artwork printed on it refreshes its look and appearance a great deal.

Surprise your customers with your novel packaging styles. If you keep repeating the same old things then your customers may get disappointed by your brand. This will encourage them to move on to the next brand producing the same type and quality of products as you are but with better presentation.

Therefore, it is a game of playing with the minds of the buyers. Don’t let the buyers lose interest in your products. Keep producing something new and unique to surprise them now and then. This will keep customers engaged with your products and they will not bother about what other brands are producing.

Custom made printed boxes may cost a little more than traditional packaging boxes but they will improve your product’s worth extensively. Their eye-catching artwork must be noticed by the customers instantly. What else do you need to know about custom printed boxes?

Important Attributes of Custom Printed Boxes Artwork:      

Some specific printing features need to be understood by the manufacturers before they start designing their product packaging. If they miss those attributes in their printed material, it will make the artwork completely pointless. Therefore, designing appropriate and effective artwork in an art. It needs to be done through experts or a person who understands the needs of printed boxes.

Custom Printed Boxes with Logo:

Every maker develops a unique brand identity in the market. Different factors are involved in developing this brand identity. One of them is product packaging. Every product packaging carries a brand identity with it.

“A survey reveals that it takes 5-7 brand impressions before a person remembers your brand.”

Every brand has a unique brand logo and name. It becomes their identity in the market. When buyers see the product, most of them recognize it through its packaging style and design. Therefore, it is important to develop product packaging with care and caution to develop a powerful brand identity in the market.  

Custom printed boxes with logos are one of the best ways to keep reminding the buyers about the brand identity. How will they work in educating customers? When customers see a product packed in a printed box. There are some specific attributes that they notice at first sight. The brand logo printed on the box is one of them.  

It is the first thing that tells them they are buying the right product from the required brand. This satisfies them completely and they shop with confidence. This is why custom printed boxes with logos play an important role in the success of any product.

Using Product Images in Printed Artworks:

Another important attribute of the product packaging printed artwork is the addition of interactive and interesting product images in it. Most customers rely upon the product packaging to get maximum information about the product they are going to buy. Therefore, when they see product images printed on its box, they get an idea about its usage.

It is always recommended to use high-resolution and clear product images in the printed artwork. Try to get images of the product from different angles and dimensions to deliver an accurate idea to the buyers about the product. With that, print the product images in their actual colours. Do not fake the colours that will make the artwork doggy for the customers and do not leave a good impression on the customers’ minds.

Adding Textual Material in the Artwork:

The importance of textual material in the artworks cannot be neglected. Buyers do get a lot of knowledge about the enclosed product and its usage from the printed textual material on its packaging. Therefore, adding accurate, correct, and up-to-date text in the printed artwork of the packaging boxes is important.

The added text should be written in clear readable fonts. The font size should not be too small or too big. Adjust it according to the design of the artwork and make it convenient for the readers to read it easily. The colour of the text should be prominent which enhances the readability of the text.

Keep in mind while designing the artwork that this printed text on the product box is the first main source of information for the customers to know about your product. If they find anything doggy or incorrect in it, it negatively impacts their minds. In other words, they will lose their confidence in your brand name. In the future, they may not buy your brand products or remain very careful while buying them.

So, use your product packaging printed artwork to build your customer’s confidence rather than destroying it. Provide them with correct and accurate information through the printed artwork and win their confidence to keep them loyal to your brand.

Use Relevant Colour Combinations:

Use Relevant Colour Combinations:

Custom printed boxes allow the makers to give their product packaging boxes a dream look. They can alter every feature of its printing according to their desires. One of the most important ones is selecting the right colour combination for their printing.

“The right selection of colours increases brand recognition by 80% according to a Loyola University Maryland study.

Some colours get associated with the brand image. People start recognizing their products by seeing the same colour combinations on their product packaging. Therefore, it is recommended that the brands stick with one colour combination. Use the same colour combination on their different product packaging to make them easily recognizable to their buyers.

“Loyola University Maryland study also stated that an identifiable brand can enhance its revenue by 10-20% in comparison to other unknown brands.”  

It is not necessary to always use bold and sharp colours in designing the product packaging artwork. In some cases, soft and elegant colours also enhance the beauty of the product packaging. Therefore, select the colours according to the packaging needs and requirements. Do not overcook your design as it may get ruined. Keep things simple and straight. As there is a saying “Simplicity is the best beauty”. Implement this thing in your product packaging printed artwork designs and make them look highly impressive and attractive.

Develop Custom Printed Boxes on a Variety of Stocks:

The advancements in printing technologies have extended the options for manufacturers to create their product packaging boxes on a variety of stocks. They can print them with innovative artwork easily. This gives their packaging a remarkable look and appearance.

What are the available options?

  •          Cardboard
  •          Corrugated Cardboard
  •          Cardstock paper
  •          Kraft paperboard

The above-mentioned stocks are rated at top of the list to develop custom made printed boxes. These materials come with easy and convenient printing options. This provides the freedom to the designers to print their packaging with their desired artwork.

Cardboard and cardstock materials are highly efficient to print any kind of artwork. Different printing techniques can be utilised for this purpose like.

  •          Digital Printing
  •          Screen Printing
  •          Flexography
  •          Lithography

Digital Printing:

This printing method is ideal to use with bulk printing of boxes. Custom printed boxes wholesale production relies on the cost-effectiveness of this printing method. Digital printing brings full-colour prints directly on the surface of the stocks like on cardboard, cardstock paper, or any other.

Screen Printing:

This printing method is also used for bulk printing of boxes. In this method, the artwork is not directly printed on the surface of the boxes. First, a screen is prepared of the artwork and then through this screen, it is imprinted on the boxes.


It is a simpler form of printing option in comparison to digital or screen printing. It provides 1 to 3 colour printing solutions. Normally, this printing technique is used to print shipping boxes.


If you are looking to get high-quality printing on your product packaging boxes then lithography is the way to do it. In this method, the required artwork is printed on the paper first and then this paper is pasted on the surface of the box.

These printing methods can be utilised according to the printing needs and requirements. The selection of one printing method out of these is highly dependent on two main factors.

  1.   Time
  2.   Cost

The digital printing method saves time by printing a high number of boxes quickly. It is done directly on the surface of the stocks which saves time. Similarly, the cost of printing remains low if you use fewer colours in it. A single-colour printing solution costs you less in comparison to a 2 or 3-colour printing solution. The addition of a single colour may increase the printing cost by 10%.

Whereas, lithography provides you with high-quality printing results but it costs you more than other printing methods. This printing method takes more time to finish the printing job as it is completed in two phases. The first phase comprises printing the artwork on paper and in the second phase laminating it to the box. Therefore, this printing method takes longer than digital printing or flexography printing.

Requirements of Custom Printed Boxes for Different Industries:

Requirements of Custom Printed Boxes for Different Industries:

The packaging needs vary from industry to industry. Therefore, it is important to understand those needs before starting designing the packaging boxes.

Food & Pharmaceutical Industries:

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, product packaging printing plays a vital role in convincing the buyer to buy a product. The textual part of the printed artwork is very important as it carries the essential information about the product.

For example, it carries information about the ingredients used in the production of a product, shows the manufacturing date and expiry dates of the product, and other important things. Therefore, the custom printed boxes used in these industries need to design the textual part of the printed artworks very carefully.

Cosmetics Industry:

The cosmetic industry is huge. It produces a lot of different kinds of products for different purposes. What makes their packaging solutions attractive to buyers? It is the use of product images in their printed artworks.

Women are the main target audience of this industry. It is women’s psychology that they get attracted to pictorial presentation quickly. Therefore, using product pictures in the printed material of cosmetic product packaging boxes increases the interaction of women.

Toys Industry:       

Product packaging should always be designed by keeping in mind its target audience. Therefore, it is understood that toys are the favourite item of children. They should be kept in mind while designing toy boxes. In Particular, their printing should get the attention of the children at first sight.

How can you do this? It can be done by using bold and sharp colours in their printed artwork. Children do get attracted to products whose boxes are printed with flashy and glitzy colours. Printing toy boxes with artistic cartoon themes is another way to stimulate the emotions of the children. Custom printed boxes with artistic artworks are the need of the toy industry.

Final Remarks:

The importance of product packaging cannot be neglected by manufacturers. It plays a vital role in the success of their products. What do we understand from this article? The packaging needs vary from product to product. Therefore, you cannot use the same packaging box for all types of products.

The printing material of the boxes has always been designed specifically for a specific product. It will not provide the same results as other products. This is why the importance of custom printed boxes has increased over time.

Nowadays, manufacturers want to give their product packaging a new and fresh look through customised printed artwork to make them look stand out among the other products. This has raised the competition levels in the market as all makers try to adopt new technologies to print their product packaging innovatively.

Designing impactful artwork is not an easy task. It needs thorough research on the market, customer behaviours, and other aspects. After that designers become able to generate impactful artwork to be printed on the product packaging boxes. Once it has been achieved by the manufacturers, it will bring a lot of benefits for them. Their products get quick recognition in the market, and more customers will buy them, consequently increasing their profit margins. 

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