Top 7 Reasons for Using Custom Kraft Boxes

Top 7 Reasons for Using Custom Kraft Boxes


How Kraft boxes are different from other packaging solutions and why modern-day manufacturers are adopting them? It is due to the increasing environmental issues. People are also getting aware of these issues and they show their serious concerns toward them. This has forced the makers to adopt eco-friendly packaging box solutions for their products. Therefore, Kraft box packaging is the need of the time.

The Kraft material is one of the best eco-friendly stocks available to the makers. It is extracted from the pulp of trees. It is a completely recyclable and biodegradable material that provides an opportunity for the makers to develop environment-friendly packaging boxes for their products.

How will it benefit them? Every company needs to establish a high-confidence relationship with its customers. A strong bonding between a customer and a brand is essential. This will help the business in steady growth. The Kraft boxes provide the brands an opportunity to satisfy their customers properly. Once they are satisfied with the brand’s performance, they will keep buying their products and they can sustain their market growth.

Some of the major benefits of using Kraft boxes are explained below.

1. Kraft Boxes – A Recyclable Packaging Solution:

The Kraft material is a pure tree pulp as it is not bleached at all. When the paper is prepared, the original color of the paper is brown. It is bleached then it becomes white. So, kraft paper is purely a tree pulp with zero chlorine impact. This makes it 100% recyclable material with 0% destructive possibility on nature.

Some people do not like its brown color and they don’t use it. They have the option to get bleached Kraft paper in white color. The only back draw of it is that they cannot use this paper for some products like food items as chlorine is added to it.

Kraft Boxes – Provides Versatility in Styling

2. Kraft Boxes – Provides Versatility in Styling:

The packaging trends are changed over time. Now customers do not become happy when they see products packed in the same old traditional packaging solutions. It has pushed the manufacturers to adopt new packaging styles.

For this purpose, they need a stock that is flexible and supple to create unique shapes and styles of boxes. Kraft material fulfills its requirements appropriately in this scenario. It is a material that can be cut and molded easily into any desired shape. This improves the design options for the makers.

Kraft material can be used to develop different shapes and styles of boxes.

  •         Die-cut Kraft boxes with window.
  •         Display Boxes
  •         Lid Boxes
  •         Magnetic Closure Boxes
  •         Jewelry Boxes
  •         Kraft Food Boxes
  •         Tube Boxes
  •         Tray-sleeve boxes
  •         Kraft Gift Boxes

There are many other options as well. Even makers have the opportunity to customize the box design and style as well. They can give their Kraft box packaging any desired shape, size, and style that they think goes best with their product.

3. A Sturdy Building Material:

The main purpose of any packaging solution is to provide safety to the enclosed product. The rest comes after it. Therefore, the box should be strong and durable to hold the product in its perfect shape for a long time. It should not let the product damage during its shipping time.

The Kraft paperboard is a quite strong and durable material. It will allow the makers to design a sturdy packaging box for their items. It will fulfill their packaging safety needs satisfactorily.

Kraft Material – An easily Customizable Option:

4. Kraft Material – An easily Customizable Option:

A personalized packaging box design allows brands to present their product charmingly in front of their customers. Every maker wants to add some extra beautification features to their product box design to make it look appealing and tempting for its customers. This can be done through custom designing options.

Kraft material brings easy and countless customization options for the designers. They can utilize them to give a personalized look to their packaging boxes. What they can do? They can print their brand logo and name on the boxes, they can create a die-cut window in it to show customers little glances of their product or can do gold or silver color heat foiling on it. These customization options improve the beauty of the packaging a great deal.

5. Kraft Material Brings Various Printing Options:

Printing of packaging boxes is always been an interesting phase in their design. Kraft paper material provides different options to the designers in this regard. It can be printed in different ways.

Normally four types of printing are seen on the custom-printed kraft boxes. These are.

  •         Complete Printing in Single Black Color
  •         Complete Printing in Single White Color
  •         Glowing Colors Printing
  •         Full-color printing option

Makers can use any of these printing styles to give their product packaging an impactful and likable look.

Custom Kraft Boxes with Add-ons: 

6. Custom Kraft Boxes with Add-ons: 

These features are not compulsory to be added to the packaging box design. They are used to improve the beauty and productivity of the packaging boxes. Some of these features are.

  •         Foiling
  •         Embossing
  •         Debossing
  •         Lamination
  •         UV Printing

Some of these features reduce the biodegradability features of the Kraft material. For example, when you put lamination on it. It will not remain 100% biodegradable. Although if you try to separate the lamination from the Kraft material. It will not be separated easily. Therefore, select these ad-Ons options carefully.

7. Cost-Effective Packaging Solution:

A low-budget but highly effective packaging solution. How good this line is for the makers? Every maker wants to reduce their production cost to earn more. Getting an economical packaging solution is part of this strategy. It does not mean that they can comprise the quality of the packaging box.

Use custom Kraft boxes for this purpose. Kraft material is available in the market at a low price. With that, the equipment required to convert this material into efficient packaging boxes does not cost much as well. This reduces the manufacturing cost of custom Kraft boxes. You can give them any desired shape and style to get good results.

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