Packaging Sleeve Design Trends: Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2023

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Businesses are popping up by creating feel, emotions, and a sense of luxurious lifestyle with their sparking trends. Packaging sleeves are one pivoting medium for this purpose, regardless of the type of business!  

The sleeve packaging design trend in 2023 is about to reflect a response towards a mixed bag of rising inflation, stiff challenges, and the most important environmental crisis. Therefore, the box sleeve enveloping your products must consider these points.

The Statista Research Department revealed, “By 2025, the packaging market size in Canada is projected to grow to approximately 31 billion U.S. dollars.” This shows how the future of business people will get affected just by these tiny packaging boxes!

Being a business person vying to catch a crew of customers in your retail or online store, you must have a trendsetting identity. You must create your unique selling point, which should be delivered to your customers very strikingly.

This blog will be a trendsetting or table-turning point for those looking to excel in their rival market in 2023!

Packaging Sleeves; As Trendy Icons

cardboard sleeve packaging

Packaging designs are continuously evolving according to the rising trends. Packaging sleeves are the trendy icons of packaging designs in this digital arena. These are made up of paperboard and corrugated cardboard material. 

Cardboard sleeve packaging is the most eco-friendly box with an iconic style. You can engage your customers with the alluring design of your box sleeve with just a few clicks. Your branding matters greatly with effective designs that cannot sway with every new trend. 

Moreover, your cardboard sleeve packaging must reflect your brand’s imagery. The design must influence your customers in such a way that your customer must share or talk about it with his family and friends circle. 

Let’s start off by learning about the trendy sleeve packaging design, which will help you to resonate with your brand identity!

Top 7 Sleeve Packaging Designs; To Stay Ahead of the Curve

sleeve packaging design

The one and only way to stay ahead of the curve in a highly frictional market full of new emerging trends is to shake up with new packaging designs. The cardboard sleeve packaging with up-to-date designs and bracing looks can enable you to achieve your goals.

Here are some all-new design ideas with which you can beat your competitors with high leads even in 2023!

Tactile Texture

To create a pretty and fancy look to your box sleeve, you can add a textile texture. It is all about adding a texture seen as a rising surface on the box. It includes embossing and debossing on your specified style of artwork. 

Tactile texture also adds a foil prompting on the surface of your cardboard sleeve packaging, giving a metallic look to your box sleeve. You can also make a die-cut around your artwork which will depict your artistic image.

Mascot Illustration 

Adding a mascot illustration on your box sleeve is another way to engage your customers with your products when they pass through them. You can have any type of mascot with any cartoonish look, but there should be one mascot for a certain product.

This is about having the same mascot with varying styles and poses as well as with different stylish and colorful dresses. This will create a joyous and playful touch in your products. Moreover, this is an iconic way to grab your customers’ attention for varying flavors of the same product. 

Design with Maximal Inside but Minimal Outside 

box sleeve

This is all about a jacket which is as important as your beautiful outer shell. To get to this point, just focus on my next few lines! You can add a plush and glamorous design full of colors and other illustrations on the packaging boxes of your products. These will create an eye-catchy look, and your customers can have a spotlight effect on your products while placed on the shelves.

But there is another side of the image which you must encounter during the design of your packaging with the intention of targeting the maximum audience. That one thing is to create a minimalistic effect with that catchy and pitchy packaging box. 

Therefore, you must add a box sleeve covering your alluring and bright packaging box with a minimal and decent look. For example, a packaging box full of red, yellow, and bright colors can be covered with a simple black box sleeve. It will be a perfect combo of maximal and minimal to grab your customers’ eyes. 

Charming Color Gradients 

Color gradients are very enchanting when we see them on design software; Then, how can it not work if you use them on a box sleeve? As I said earlier, a box sleeve is a jacket to the packaging of your products or even the product itself. 

Thus, the color gradient can add excitement and freshness to that certain product or packaging. Designers use this trick as a base element in design, which is the secret behind their lavish and enticing designs. 

Pitchy Typography

Adding text with a oneness touch and playing the whole branding game on this one notch can enable you to stay ahead of the curve. But! This includes a lot of iterations and efforts to get an epitome benchmark.

This requires a complete hold on tips and tricks to get top-notch typography. It can include any shape and angle of the text with streaks and uneven colors. But it is much more grabbing than that of a text added to a box simply with no extra effort. 

Ingredients with Mesmerizing Display

For selling any type, your product needs all the necessary information imprinted on your packaging sleeves. This will create a massive and dull look if it is printed as a long, dark paragraph full of numbers and alphabets.

On the flip side, this information related to use and ingredients can be an engaging tool if you will add it in a tricky way. You can add punchy color pellets reflecting the ingredients of a specific flavor or product type.

Sustainable Imagery 

You can create your brand image up to the height by welcoming sustainable practices in all your business matters. You can add a touch of eco-friendly behavior to your products by designing them in a way reflecting a green impact. 

The reason is your packaging or box sleeve is not only a box now! It is the medium with which your customers can get a quick idea about your brand’s values. And this is when everyone is terrified about their worst climate changes. 

Therefore, adding an eco-friendly green touch to the design of your cardboard sleeve packaging depicts your responsive behavior towards your planet. It also shows that you are more concerned and careful about the well-being of your surrounding people. 


While mopping up all this healthy discussion, I will share a worthy opinion with you in order to stay ahead of the curve in 2023. That is to prefer only green materials for your products. Because our planet is undergoing a global boiling phase in July 2023, the worst expansion of global warming. 

Therefore, packaging sleeves are the most sustainable packaging mediums, and your customers are also more likely willing to pay extra for this practice. However, all the other packaging designs can also assist you in standing out in a rival market with a considerable lead.

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