Future Trends in Food Box Design and Branding


Are you ready to learn about the future trends of food box packaging? How do you make unique design for your brands? Which packaging trends should you be aware of? Then, why are you waiting? We are here to assist you. In the food industry, packaging plays a key role. It has a significant impact on customers’ behavior.

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As technology advances, food businesses have seen significant advancements. New consumers prefer new trends in packaging. Here, we will discuss some best future trends in food box design and branding that no one wants to ignore. On the other hand, it will be more helpful in making the food box packaging industry more efficient. 

List of Top Future Trends

Are you ready to learn about future food box design and branding trends? OK! Here we have come up with marvelous trends. Let’s look at them one by one. 

  1. Packaging Based on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Items

  2. Tactile Texture

  3. Personalized Packaging

  4. Unique Colors

  5. Transparent Packaging

  6. Minimalist Food Box Packaging

  7. Unique Barcodes

  8. Used Food Box Packaging Appear to be Brand-New

  9. Typography

  10. A Clean Label

Now, we will discuss these future trends in detail.

Minimalist Food Box Packaging

  • Packaging Based on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Items

In the last year, the industry has been shifting to support businesses making their product packaging more sustainable. Many companies are looking towards ways of packaging that are sustainable. You may utilize the packaging of your food box to promote sustainability. Additionaly,, it is also beneficial for our planet. Sustainable food packaging trends require a minimum amount of natural resources, which allows companies to produce food item packaging at a low cost and enhance its sustainability.

The Worldwide Sustainability Index Institute claims that 400 of the largest businesses in the globe discovered that their sustainability targets had increased by more than double.

Some food brands use QR codes in their packaging. Businesses may develop new food packaging options while being eco-friendly by using QR codes.

   2.Tactile Texture

All over the globe, every brand is looking for ways to make its food box packaging stand high in the market. Designers are always thinking of the best ways to make the appearance of a product eye-catching that reflect the brand’s objective to their consumers. We are seeing many techniques like embossing, debossing, and foil printing. That is why it is very important to think about tactile packaging. Businesses that are applying these techniques give value to the packaging, as they look so attractive.

According to Philip Morris:

“Good design is about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.

Nielson says, “ Packaging is always the first visual; however, tactile elements add an extra sensory aspect to the packing. It opens the door to a more in-depth exploration of the substrate via touch. This can grab customers’ attention. This is expected that the quality and packaging meet each other, which can be expressed visually or by touch.”

    3.Personalized Packaging

Have you ever looked at the food box packaging design and felt a smile on your face because it has a fantastic message written? We will tell the goal behind using these words or sentences is to create a better connection with the shopper.

It is an important and demanding trend to meet the consumer’s requirements. It is increasing day by day and becoming so popular in the world. One of the best examples is the Coca-Cola campaign of writing different first names has spread worldwide. Every business can use this trend, either small or larger. If you are a small food packaging business, it will benefit your company more. It can include messages, either sentences or eye-catchy words, graphics, or even the name of the customers on the packaging to make that customer feel special.

Research shows “Personalization can increase marketing spend efficiency by up to 30%.”

Customers especially pay closer attention to food packaging that represents their lifestyle and food choices. Good design always helps you to compete with your competitors.

    4. Unique Colors

Let’s discuss another notable trend: the utilization of unique colors. These are the colors that are rare and grab the customers’ attention. It helps the brand to stand out in the crowd. Many businesses prefer the use of natural colors in their products. Some other brands far away from the organic firm also use earthy colors to stand high in the eco-friendly movement. It is necessary to select a color palette that exactly matches your business.

    5. Transparent Packaging

This is another most leading trend in food box packaging. It is becoming popular because primary consumers are health conscious. They prefer such kinds of items that are away from hazardous chemicals. The reason behind this is to provide customers with accurate information related to the item, including its constituents.

Are you a health-conscious company, and you are trying to hide the items used? Then, it is not satisfactory for your company’s growth and reputation, and you are also misleading customers. It is mandatory to show it off to the consumers so they can easily read all the information. Healthy ingredients can be used as keywords to grab the customer’s attention.

Consumers are eager to learn about the food they are eating. Gaining customers’ trust is not easy; businesses have to earn by providing accurate information, for example, what’s its background, and conveying food safety is a good approach.

   6. Minimalist Food Box Packaging

Another interesting packaging trend you must know about is minimalist packaging design. Many companies are shifting towards simple, neat, clean, and uncluttered designs because customers want all these features. Brands should know that simple designs make the box packaging clean and attractive. It also decreases the manufacturing process’s price. Raw Pressery Juices and ketchup bottles are the best examples.

Additionally, it shows the value of the product and avoids overwhelming consumers with the artwork. If businesses use the same theme, it’s hard to maintain a position in the crowd. Many businesses use color in their minimalist designs to make a strong position in the world. For example, Denada Sugar-Free Ice Cream uses natural tones that aid them in making a strong position in the market. On the other hand, Quaker Oats use a friendly strategy by using vibrant color in their designs to make them stick in the world.

   7. Unique Barcodes


Packaging Based on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Items

As we know, today’s era is the era of technology; everyone has smart devices in their hands. Unique barcodes, also referred to as “Smart packaging,” and the use of sensors or other technology like social media interaction integrated into it come in it. Food box packaging with smart labels or QR codes printed on it may be read with the help of a smartphone. This is the best approach in product packaging. It also helps to track many factors, such as temperature, quality, PH, and freshness. It gives customers additional details about the product, like nutritional value and appropriate storage guidelines. It improves customers’ experience with the brand.

An amazing benefit of this packaging is that it helps to reduce the wastage of food by giving information to the customers about how they can utilize it. All Businesses need to know these innovative trends to maintain their position and meet customer demand. 

  8. Used Food Box Packaging Appear to be Brand-New

Retro style is an evolving food packaging trend in the industry. Customers will buy a product because it reminds them of a simple period since there is something about a nostalgic aesthetic. Many companies are returning to eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

“In 2021, some top providers of the packaging industry returned to plastic packaging because they were facing a shortage of cardboard. Amazon declares that the composition of recycled plastic film bags is now going to increase from 25% to 50%. And there is also an increase in the percentage of plastic padded bags from 15% to more than 40%”.

You can make your food packaging design and branding remarkable, which can be done by paying keen heed to the structure of packaging, including quality.

  9. Typographic Trends

Handwritten or “scrawled” writing has recently become more common in package typography. The appearance of the permanent marker, complete with streaks and irregular colors, as it shows that the product name is written simply and easily on the box, brings us back to the aesthetic roots.

In contrast to the more refined and flawless businesses, the images have a casual style. However, these patterns speak to the creative side and show more reality. For example, McDonald’s has been giving priority to clear typography for many years, and it has produced a significant impact on its brand identity. The reason is that simple typography is easy to read and understand. It’s obvious that if there is clarity in your design, then it promotes ease for the customers.

    10. A Clean Label 

Do you know the facts about clean and clear labeling? How powerful is it? Pay keen attention here; we will tell you in detail. Some food companies have placed more prominent and clear labeling at the exact center of their products for customers to view. If you are a health-conscious business that cares a lot about its customers, advertise it rather than hiding the information in the fine print. Healthy ingredients work as keywords that attract the attention of their customers.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up the things, we are sure that all these top future trends will help your business to make a strong position in the competitive globe. The requirements for tidy, efficient, and environmental solutions greatly impact future food box packaging trends. It is necessary to keep in mind that shoppers pay attention to spending their pennies. So, it is necessary to make your customers happy. Customers are excited about the product before opening it. So, you can take advantage to impress your customers by following these future trends. It’s time to stand for your brands by adopting these new trends.

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