Eco-Friendly Marketing: How Cardboard Displays Can Help Your Business Go Green

Eco-Friendly Marketing: How Cardboard Displays Can Help Your Business Go Green


“Packaging can be theatre; it can create a story.” And Cardboard Displays are the best actor of your Packaging story.

Packaging is an art and skill that add shine to your product. And eco-friendly packaging adds care to your environment and people. Over time, people are inclined towards recyclable packaging. Global warming has havoc effects on the world. That’s why on 22nd April each year, Earth Day is celebrated. 

It is the century of the digital era, where people are more educated and concerned. Social platforms are packed with plenty of information. Users can get desired, authentic, and relevant information with a single click. They prefer to buy from companies that offer sustainable packaging. In this scenario, nothing can beat Display Cardboard Boxes. 

The way cardboard displays are changing the packaging world

In the real world, we can see changes every day. Same way Packaging has its world. And new trends are introduced in their world. Cardboard is the latest eco-friendly fashion in the Packaging world. There are many names for Cardboard, like paperboard, fiberboard or carton.

But the point is that the fashions of the packaging industry also impact our business world. As the world has turned towards Green Marketing, here demand Cardboard has reached its peak. 

  • They give strength and protection to your product.
  • As they are sturdy and lightweight, they reduce the shipping cost.
  • Best to display in retail stores and extend the shelf life of your product.
  • An ideal fit for your brand identity and reorganization.

Let’s check how cardboard displays are profitable for your business.

No matter how good your product is, customers will not buy it. You must get enough business with proper display and marketing of your products.

Cardboard boxes are prepared with a natural element. They are compostable and be broken down into natural components, which makes them a perfect fit for Green Land.

Globally consumers’ top-notch priority is to buy from companies that use sustainable packaging. At the same time, you can deny the importance of beautiful and durable packaging.

People get attracted towards the enticing packaging. Suppose your product has packaging that can grab the customers’ attention at first glance, allure them and mesmerize them. Then you can emerge as a Recognizable brand. And give a boost to your business.

Cardboard displays are the best Eco-Friendly Marketing tool

Cardboard displays are the best Eco-Friendly Marketing tool

Paper-based products and packaging give you the edge to stand out in the market. Cardboards lie in the same category.

Display cardboard boxes that are safe for the environment. Global Marketing promotes the company that uses sustainable materials. These boxes are prepared to form recyclable material and thus play a vital role in the Go Green campaign.

Furthermore, you can add die-cut and window-cut options to make your boxes prominent. With eye-catchy packaging, users can see what is inside the box.

Hence without extra investment, you can use your Cardboard as free advertising and marketing tool. The process and way raw material for Cardboard is extracted, produced, used, and composted promote eco-friendliness.

3R Principles for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

Business dimensions are changing rapidly. Natural Packaging or eco-friendly packaging is the sustainable packaging that businesses are embracing.

All over the world, people prefer to buy from companies that offer a Go Green solution. That’s why it is essential to understand the 3R principle: Renewable, Reusing & Reducing.

  • Renewable:

Packaging your product from renewable sources, such as Cardboard, is made from raw material wood makes it eco-friendly.

  • Reusing:

Packaging composed form recyclable material that can be recovered and revamped easily. It plays a significant role in the Global environment.

  • Reducing:

When it becomes easy to renew and reuse, packaging reduces the usage of raw materials. And suitable for Go Green Movement.

Cardboard Displays an excellent Product Displayed Quickly (PDQ)

Cardboard Displays an excellent Product Displayed Quickly (PDQ)

As Cardboard is famous for its durability, people design them as a counter for products. All the products that use packaging that does not need any further container are known as PDQ (Product Display Quickly).

Whether your product is on the shelf, counter or at an exhibition stall, Cardboard will stand out your brand. Product Display Stand, display rack or interactive display make your product prominent and help to attract thousands of eyeballs towards your product.

Design your packaging using cardboard displays, and make them your Unique Selling Point (USP) from users’ point of purchase (Pop).

Go Green Business in Canada

Paper and paper-based packaging are known for their sustainability. Canada plans to reach net zero by achieving a greener and cleaner environment. Hence, if you want to have a successful business in Canada, you must meet Canada’s legal packaging standards.

Adopting eco-friendly and compostable packaging will give your packaging an edge. And you will be a part of Go Green Business in Canada. Cardboard Displays are undoubtedly a wise option for green land.

Canada has joined over 120 countries in committing to net-zero emissions by 2050, including all other G7 nations (United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan). Many provinces and cities have already made net-zero-by-2050 commitments, including Guelph, Vancouver, Hamilton, Toronto, Halifax, Newfoundland and Labrador, and most recently, Quebec.

Worth of Cardboard Boxes Dimensions

Product size matters in packaging. In this way, you can get a great end-user experience. The standard sizes of the boxes are

  • 12x12x12 inches
  • 16x16x16 inches
  • 18x18x18 inches
  • 22x22x22 inches
  • 24x24x24 inches

But you should order the dimension of your packaging boxes as per your product. An ideal packaging for cardboard displays will get the customers’ attention and ensure the product’s safety. And prevent delivery shocks to your product.

Cardboard Display for Retail is Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase in physical or digital marketing displays encourages the user’s purchasing decision. They are designed in a way that not only makes your design beautiful. But also help users to see what’s inside your product. At the same time, it will grab the consumer’s attention at first glance.

It has been observed that the things which gain more attraction have the maximum chance of selling out. Cardboard boxes can be designed to hold the product and ensure its safety and durability. It not only improves customer engagement. But also help your brand to increase brand awareness and enhance the credibility of your brand.

Cardboard displays are best for all business sectors, including cosmetic, apparel, pharmaceutical, candle business, bakery items and many more.

In stores, it will attract customers towards your product even from a distance, which will help you to increase sales.


Are you looking for a barebone?

Cardboards are a sophisticated branding channel if your aim is a unique brand identity, not only generic packaging. You can create various designs using Cardboard, including kraft boxes, display boxes, auto locks, and tuck boxes. Customize them as per your need.

  • Use the latest printing and packaging techniques. Go with embossing, debossing, foiling or anything that stands your business out from others.
  • Create a catchy eye design for your packaging. Ensure the safety of your products. Stay in the minds of your customers as a strong brand.
  • Don’t just focus on the packaging but on stunning packaging with cardboard displays. And be a part of eco-friendly packaging.
  • Be a part of the Go Green Movement whether you are an entrepreneur, new business venture, small business or enterprise.
  • Focus on bridgeable, compostable and recyclable Display cardboard packaging.

Hence, in eco-friendly packaging, nothing is parallel to Display Cardboard Boxes. Evaluate what kind of packaging you are using. Is your business using packaging that is environmentally responsible?

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