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5 Most Important Tips To Ensure The Quality Of Custom Mailer Boxes

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Being a businessman, you have been familiar with multiple things. Right? You are aware of your product’s quality, material, and manufacturing. If you cannot compromise on any of these things, how can you neglect the packaging issues?

Whether you are a retailer or business runner, you have to think twice when it’s time for shipment. We will resolve all of your issues with the custom mailer boxes, which are an efficient solution. They own high-quality material and sturdiness to protect your products while shipping.

Here we are offering you multiple printing options with elegant laminations following your product’s requirements. Apart from this, it includes highly cost-efficient packaging that will provide versatility with styling.

Tips for quality assurance of mailer boxes

Everything becomes more helpful if you organize it in a manner. In the digital era, most customers place orders on online platforms, right? The brands deliver their products to their doorsteps, don’t they? In all of these happenings, you should consider these significant tips for the quality assurance of your mailer boxes Canada.

  • Material

Undoubtedly, choosing the right material for your custom mailer boxes wholesale manufacturing is quite hectic. So we have brought biodegradable materials for packing your aesthetic products and goods. You can make a choice from this list:

  • Kraft material

Have you ever used kraft for printed mailer boxes? It is the paperboard that is flexible for your mailer boxes Canada. With its simplicity, you can accommodate it for different kinds of products. It is great for shipping purposes with its sturdiness and safety.

Corrugated material

  • Corrugated material

Do you want unique and sturdy material for your packaging boxes? All you need is the corrugated material for strengthening your product packaging. In addition, there’s another name for corrugated material: corrugated cardboard material. It is the combination of two paper sheets with a flute between them.

With the resistance, these corrugated boxes assist as an insulator to protect your product from temperature changes. We can design it according to your product’s size, shape, and layout. You can opt for corrugated cardboard boxes for their lightweight, sturdiness, and versatility.

cardstock material boxes

  • Cardstock material

When we talk about biodegradable material, we cannot forget cardstock. It is sturdy and thick paper material. On the other hand, this material is thinner than cardboard. If you want to add extra garnishing and coating for your mailer boxes Canada, then cardstock is a great option. With longevity, this material is available in  shiny and metallic surface coatings as well.

  • Coatings

Do you want high-quality custom mailer boxes wholesale for your brand promotion? Here’s a vital tip that will help you in attaining quality work. We have resolved your problems by bringing astounding coating options. Look at them and choose the one following your product’s packaging design and style.

  • Glossy Lamination

If you want a shiny or glass-like appearance of a layer on your product packaging, then gloss lamination will be a perfect choice. It not only provides a glossy look but also enhances the color’s vibrancy of the ink. You can choose it for business promotions, marketing of products, covering of significant information, or reports.

  • Semi-glossy Coating

So here you have the great option of the semi-gloss coating of the packaging material. In actuality, it is the coating that contains the finishing reflection in between the gloss and matte laminations. That’s why they are less shiny than any gloss-coated packaging. In addition, less shine doesn’t mean that it will dull the color’s vibrancy, as it will not mute the colors of your product’s packaging.

  • Satin or Matte Lamination

Are you looking for packaging that has a soft sheen to it? Then all you need is the satin lamination which can better adapt the backdrop prints and displays with the dazzling lightning.

Apart from this, if you want to opt the lamination that can show smoothness to the clear finishing, then matte should be your priority. The customer can easily read the information laminated in the matte. It also enriches your customer’s experience with the elegant and natural look of the product.

  • Aqueous Coatings

It is the clear and water-based lamination that is added to the printed items. Remember that this type of lamination is added during the printing process. When we use the aqueous coating, it rapidly dries and resists fingerprints. Apart from this, these coatings are eco-friendly.

  • Spot UV

If you want an elegant and transparent look for your custom mailer boxes, then end up your wait with the spot UV. In the printing process, these coatings are preserved with ultraviolet light. However, it will provide a premium look to your products.

  • Soft Touch Lamination

It’s time to tell you about the lamination that provides the velvety texture to your custom mailer boxes wholesale. It is the soft touch lamination that will provide a soft touch to the paperboard material. Additionally, it will enhance the actual attractiveness of the products. It is a fingerprint resistor with a softer look.

Eco-friendly printed mailer boxes

  • Eco-friendly printed mailer boxes

Have you ever shown concern for the sustainability of printed mailer boxes? Not yet? It’s time to pay heed to it. If we talk about small businesses, then it is a significant factor for them to stand out in the market. With the encouragement of the reusability of these boxes, brands can impact a positive impression on the user’s mind.

The custom mailer box packaging is made from materials like cardboard, cardstock, and Kraft paperboard that are eco-friendly as well as biodegradable in nature. It means that the customer can use it repeatedly. Additionally, it is not complex to dispose of these product boxes. With these boxes, you will not regret the versatility, durability, sturdiness, and immersive styling of the packaging.

  • Printing Options

If you want to compete with others in every manner, you should consider these high-quality printing options for your packaging. Here we have mentioned a list for your ease. Choose the one to stand out in your product in the market.

  • Lithography
  • Flexography
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Pricing

In the end, you have to consider this point as an essential part of your investments. Will you give the money to the people who cannot provide you with top-notch packaging solutions? Of course not. Then why not pay heed to it? Apart from this, you will find out our printing and packaging offers are reliable and budget-friendly.

Do you think that we will devalue the quality, material, printing, coatings, and ads-on in a budget-friendly investment? Well! We must say that it’s not true as we do not compromise on our services of printing and packaging.

Why choose us?

Whenever you think of making custom mailer boxes, ensure that they are sturdy enough to protect your products and goods. Apart from the durability of these boxes, your packaging and investment will be a loss if the design is not appealing to the end users. Contact us to place an order to level up your packaging layouts.

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