Cost to Value: Eco-Friendly Packaging Returns

Cost to Value: Eco-Friendly Packaging Returns

People are getting more conscious about shopping experiences day by day. They are not only concerned about sustainable products but are also interested in the eco-friendly packaging practices followed by businesses. 

It’s the right time to change your traditional packaging habits and shift to eco-friendly ones. This will not just boost your customer’s loyalty and trust in your brand but will also help you to protect the environment. 

“More than 54% of consumers under age 44 prefer sustainable packaging while buying anything.”

At the end of the day, not only the company’s branding but also our planet will see a considerable difference due to these healthy practices. 

By chance, you are not aware of sustainable packaging, do not be ashamed. Continue reading to get complete know-how about sustainable packaging! 

What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Simply, eco-friendly or sustainable packaging refers to the kind of packaging that has negligible impacts on the environment. Materials used for this packaging are recyclable and don’t cause pollution. 

The material is recyclable and has a longer lifespan than others. To mention resources are also not wasted because you don’t need anything virgin to create new boxes. 

“More than 80% of consumers deliberately buy from companies that put effort in eco-friendly practices.”

For this, you want to focus on the Return On Relationship (ROR) model instead of the Return On Investment Model (ROI).

Why is sustainable packaging important?

Companies that offer eco-friendly packaging boxes enjoy a win-win situation in the end. They not only impart their role in environmental protection but also gain so much respect from the clients while enjoying other perks. Some of them are:

Healthy for environment

As sustainable products assist in preserving the environment for the future, they will help you to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the harmful impacts on the environment. If you are using eco-friendly boxes, it will lessen the industrial products’ emissions and reduce water 

and electricity usage. 

Saves money 

It will also affect your packaging expenses as you’ll help save electricity and water with less solid waste production. You can save up to a lot of money which can be used for the cost-worthy activities of the company.

“According to the Empowered Consumers Call For Sustainability Transformation survey, 61% of customers look for energy-efficient labels when buying a product.”

Boosts up your brand’s reputation

Switching from traditional to eco-friendly packaging depicts you’re not only concerned about the money. Instead of this, you care more about the environment. You sincerely perform your social responsibility and provide them with the best options. This will be a solid booster for your business reputation, and you can pitch them easily with this idea. 

Increase branding opportunities

Whether you are manufacturing custom boxes, bags, or food boxes, every business has its own distinctive branding tactics. Customized packaging assists you in brand awareness and consistency and takes your business to a different level. You’ll not only be famous for your products but will be admired for your values. 

Is switching from traditional to eco-friendly packaging worth it or not?

“According to a survey by Raconteur, about 43% of brands say that a high budget was one of the main concerns that stopped them from investing in eco-friendly packaging.”

The cost of sustainable packaging is a genuine concern for many out there. People assume sustainable packaging is too expensive to be afforded! But is this actually true, or is it just a misconception? The answer is no! Sustainable packaging helps brands save money in the long term. Because: 

  • Innovative designs
  • Sustainable materials 
  • Collaboration with expert suppliers
  • No plastic tax

Innovative designs

Innovation for packaging varieties is endless. With the right choice of design, sustainable packaging can be reusable and even save space for the long term. As a result of this, you can save a considerable amount of money. 

Sustainable materials

Though some materials for environment-friendly packaging are expensive, this is not the end of the discussion. There’s a wide variety of other materials you can use if you are dealing in sustainable packaging. And they are way cheaper than traditional packaging. Check out those options and go for the best choice that meets your business demands. 

Collaboration with expert suppliers

If you are new to this business or don’t have complete know-how of sustainable packaging, contact some reputable and well-connected suppliers when choosing the best material. Many business owners provide stock on an order basis, so you can easily save up your inventory space. 

No plastic tax

“The law about plastic packaging was implemented in April 2022, so you must pay the tax if you are manufacturing or importing more than 10 tonnes of plastic packaging.”

This will cost you more as compared to switching to sustainable packaging. Traditional plastic packaging is cheaper as we have used it for many decades. But once everyone realizes the importance of eco-friendly packaging, it will become less expensive as people start investing in it. 

What strategies should you adopt for sustainable packaging?

Opt recyclable practices 

Informing and educating consumers about recycling the product is one of the best ways to dispose of your packaging items. Sometimes, it can be a little hectic because recycling practices vary from place to place. To overcome this issue, you can label the packages as reusable or recyclable. 

A cleaning brand named Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day is educating its consumers very well. They not only added a recycling icon on the bottles but also wrote a line;

“Laundry bottles are made of less than 30% post-consumer plastic. Recycle it!”

Plant-based packaging

Plant-based packaging

As the world is progressing, plant-based packaging is in rapid trend. These are manufactured from biological sources, like mushrooms, seaweeds and food waste. Which plant-based packaging options you should choose depends on what kind of product you are packing or shipping. 

If you own a food business, go with bioplastic packaging. The reason is it will protect the food without affecting its flavour. In case you are shipping heavy items, you must have durable plant-based materials that are made from mushrooms and cornstarch. 

Reusable materials

Ever heard about the 3Rs? It’s reduce, reuse and recycle. Reusing used products is another way to extend the product life used earlier. When selecting the best choice among mailers, cardboard boxes, or other packaging materials, try to go with the option manufactured from recycled materials. 

A typical example of this is paperboard cardboard. It is manufactured from pulp which makes it light in weight, and you can easily cut this to make shipping boxes. 

You can even go with mailers or other packaging boxes manufactured from old plastic materials like bottles and single-use bottles. Recycling factories process this used plastic and make packaging supplies from it. 

“According to Global Buying Green Report 2022, 74% of customers are willing to purchase products that offer refillable packaging.”

Biodegradable alternatives 

Biodegradable or compostable packaging is another alternative strategy for sustainability. People use packaging materials that can be composted easily at home and commercially. 

These eco-friendly packaging boxes are made from plant-based polymers, which break down into composting after usage. 

Normally, packages decompose in about 90 days under commercial composting conditions, while in domestic scenarios, it takes almost 180 days or 4 months. 

Shipping In small cartons

Shipping In small cartons

You can reduce using the number of packaging materials, and ultimately, your carbon footprint will be under control. You can opt for this strategy by using small containers for your business. This will benefit you in two ways; it will be sustainable and even reduce the shipping cost. 

This will also benefit you in terms of using less filler materials. So while choosing the right size for your product, try to go with that position which can be placed in smaller packages. 

Assume you run a furniture business. You can disassemble the furniture parts and figure out how to save a lot of space. In case of shipping bedding, apparel, or other foldable items, fold them tightly so that they fit in smaller boxes.

Ikea saves €1.2 million annually as their engineers have figured out the ways to disassemble its Ektorp sofa into several pieces, reducing the packaging size by 50%.”

Edible packaging

Imagine you can eat the packaging too. Doesn’t it sound exciting? You’ll be thinking about what’s different between plant-based and edible packaging! Both are somewhat the same. These packaging boxes are manufactured from biological sources.

These packages are safe and healthy to eat. Edible packaging is the best option for those running beverage and food businesses. You can offer delicious packages as well as the meal. 

Avoid over-packaging

Next is avoiding the overpackaging strategy! There are lump-sum packing materials in the retail supply chains. The items are bundled and even squeezed by using additional packaging materials. 

To overcome this issue, you need to optimize your business by using strategies to minimize these materials. Resultantly, there’ll be less packaging waste. 

Plantable packaging

What comes to mind while reading this plantable packaging? A picture of you planting your packaging carton? This is another step towards innovation. Now you can plant the cartons or boxes as during their manufacturing; seeds are sown in them. 

When delivered to the customers, after taking out your product, you can sow it in the soil. These packages are great for running cosmetics or jewellery businesses as they are light in weight and even can be used as product fillers or wraps. 

How eco-friendly packaging provides returns on investment?

Eco-friendly boxes can provide significant returns on investment for businesses. While the cost of eco-friendly packaging materials may be slightly higher than traditional packaging materials, the long-term benefits can outweigh the initial costs. 

Here are some of the ways in which eco-friendly packaging boxes can provide returns on investment:

Reduced Material Costs

Eco-friendly boxes often use less material than traditional packaging, which can help reduce material costs in the long run.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and are more likely to choose products packaged in eco-friendly materials. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Brand Reputation

Using eco-friendly packaging can help improve a business’s brand reputation and enhance its image as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company.

Cost Savings on Disposal

Traditional packaging materials can be costly to dispose of, while eco-friendly materials can often be recycled or composted, which can help businesses save on disposal costs.

“About 74% of Calvin Klein’s packaging is recyclable. They save over 200 tons of plastic annually by switching to thin materials for their cloth packaging.”

Regulatory Compliance

In many countries, there are regulations in place that require businesses to use eco-friendly packaging materials. Companies can avoid fines and legal issues by complying with these regulations.

Business examples that offer eco-friendly packaging

Business examples that offer eco-friendly packaging 


Samsung is currently working on repurposing its brand packaging. While buying something from them, you can select what your packaging will turn into. 

If you are purchasing an LED television, you can repose the box into a desk or bookshelf, table stand, storage box, magazine rack and even pet stand. Although these boxes are recyclable, it’s still an interesting thing to use them for other purposes. 

Food Chain Restaurants

Another renowned brand KFC is introducing ways to be more eco-friendly. They are serving coffee in edible cups that resemble their usual coffee cups. Although this concept is not new, KFC is still the first chain restaurant to introduce and manufacture edible cups. In the same way,

“McDonald’s announced their foam packaging would disappear at the end of this year. They’ll completely switch to renewable and recycled packaging by 2025.”

This makes them an inevitable example of how you can repurpose your packages. 

Bee Bright

Bee Bright is another smart idea for some nature-loving people. This brand offers honey jars made from 100% beeswax, which, once finished, turns into a candle. What you have to do is, flip over the bottle and thus will your candle as the jar’s lid is now the candle’s base. This is a perfect example of multiple-use packaging.


A Canadian brand named Soapack is now offering a specific type of soap bottle that dissolves completely in hot water once they are finished. 

On average, a person uses 800 shampoo bottles in his life. All these bottles are discarded by throwing them in landfills. They stay there for thousands of years before degradation. So introducing such eco-friendly products is a smart solution for avoiding such issues. 


The ideas of how to adopt eco-friendly packaging are endless. You just have to decide the right approach for your business. For this, it’s up to you whether you’ll reuse your packaging or switch to entirely eco-friendly items. But whatever you do, stick to your plan, and there will be a time when it will start paying you back.

Inspire Customers Through Luxurious Packaging Sleeves

Inspire Customers Through Luxurious Packaging Sleeves

Why do top brands not change their packaging styles frequently? Because their customers recognize their products through their traditional custom packaging box designs. They do slight changes in their packaging box designs from time to time but you will never see drastic changes in them. These slight changes keep the look of packaging designs fresh and novel.

Adding a little spice to the designs of these traditional packaging solutions increases their beauty extensively. Packaging sleeves is the best way to do it. These sleeves reinvent the beauty of a traditional packaging box. It makes it look luxurious and elegant. Although the structure of the box remains almost the same, the addition of a box sleeve improves its beauty.

Sleeve packaging design can be given various styles, sizes, and shapes according to the need. What will they add to your packaging box? They will provide extra protection with style and elegance. When customers hold these products packed in such luxurious packaging boxes, they feel obliged and valued. This keeps them loyal to the brand and they keep buying their products in the future.

How do Luxurious Custom Sleeve Packaging Fulfils Customer Expectations:

What does a customer expect from a brand when they buy their product? Obviously, the main priority has always been the quality of the product itself. Secondly, they want it to be presented in a good way. Both these factors must come into consideration for the buyers during shopping.

In some cases, customers skip the first factor and just get impressed with the presentation of the product. It influences buying decisions of the customers. This suggests that product packaging plays an important part in the sale of a product. A low-quality product can get customer recognition if it is packed and presented in an attractive packaging box.

These things are necessary to understand for manufacturers. As most of them work hard to produce high-quality products but they neglect the factor of good presentation. This negatively impacts their product performance. Therefore, developing high-quality packaging is a must thing to do for them. They should spare at least 15% of their whole product development investment to create their product packaging. This little investment will benefit them a lot in the long run in fulfilling their customer’s expectations.

You can further reduce this investment by creating stylish sleeve packaging. You can use cardboard or corrugated cardboard sleeves as your product packaging. This simple but highly effective packaging solution provides the makers a great opportunity to make their product presentation enticingly attractive. Print them with eye-catching artworks for better results. You can use stickers or labels as well to be pasted on them. This reduces the cost of the packaging to a great extent.

Luxurious Packaging Support Manufacturers

How Luxurious Packaging Support Manufacturers to Survive in High-Competition Markets?

The market is getting difficult for the new entrants. They need to face big market giants in whatever industry they are trying to enter. These giants are well established as they are working for a long time. They have a loyal customer base in the market who wait for their products and stick to them rather than checking any other brand’s products.

This makes it difficult for the new brands to create their space in the market and convince customers to use their products. They need to adopt some unique ways to get customers’ attention. They might be producing the same type and quality of products as their competitors but why would they differentiate them? It can be the product packaging. Well-established brands might not bother too much about their product packaging designs because they have an established business with a huge customer following. Therefore, they know they can sell their product in a simple-looking packaging box as well.

This is the opening on which new entrants should capitalize. They should focus more on their product packaging to give them an attractive finish. Once they achieve it, it increases the chances of their product sales extensively. It is not necessary to invest heavily to produce an elegant and lavishing style of packaging box. You need to think out of the box to do it.

A simple way of doing it, design a simple box without investing too much in it. Put stylishly designed cardboard sleeve packaging on it to give it an elegant look. These packaging sleeves will not cost you a lot for their design.

The sleeve packaging design will give your product a luxurious look and differentiates it from your competitor’s product. When customers see your product in such a luxurious packaging style, it forces them to try it at least once. This will help new brands to create their market space and in competing with your competitors.

Impact of Luxurious Packaging Sleeves on Customer Buying Behaviors:

To become a successful brand, it is necessary to understand the customer’s needs. It is not an old era where customers are not bothered much with the product packaging designs and styles. In today’s era, they want the product to be packed perfectly. The packaging box design should be convenient for them to use and it also gives them a pleasant look.

This is why the need for modernized packaging box designs is increasing in every industry. The retail industry is especially under immense pressure from this hit. Numerous brands are losing their market shares to their competitors just because they are not updating their product packaging designs with time.

Customers are no longer in favor of using traditional packaging boxes. They need to see changes in it. The changes that make the packaging boxes beautiful and useful. The brands that have updated their product packaging box designs are gaining huge profits. Customers are liking their products and prefer them over their competitors’ products.

E-commerce Consumer Study shows that 69% of consumers are more likely to shop at a business again if it delivers goods in eco-friendly packaging.

It is a present-era customer’s need to see products packed innovatively. They like to purchase items that come in convenient and attractive packaging box designs. This is why not only the retail industry but also other industries like cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, and others are also adopting innovative packaging box designs to satisfy their modern-day customer’s needs.

A box with a custom packaging sleeve is the best example of it. Simple but highly attractive that fulfills the modern-day customer’s packaging needs satisfactorily. Get them designed in a variety of shapes and styles to give your product packaging a modernized look.

Get Trendy Custom Packaging Sleeves for Customer Satisfaction:

Get Trendy Custom Packaging Sleeves for Customer Satisfaction:

What makes a customer buy a specific product? It is a million-dollar question, isn’t it? If you get the answer to this question, you can be a millionaire in days. You know what? Top brands and manufacturers do know the answer to this question and that’s why they are satisfying their customer’s needs and selling their products to them in a huge number.

Top brands and manufacturers do thorough research on their customer’s needs and how they can satisfy them. This will lead them to the answer to the above-mentioned question. Believe me, until you do not understand what your customer wants from you, you cannot satisfy them. This is why it is important to get enough knowledge about the business you are going to start and then start investing in it.

Learn about the ongoing business trends and implement them in your business. Getting innovative and stylish packaging boxes is one of the most important business activities nowadays. You cannot ignore the importance of packaging boxes nowadays. Get trendy packaging boxes for your products. It is necessary to satisfy modern customers.

Nowadays, many customers refuse to buy a product just because of its ordinary packaging. They prefer to buy a product that is easy to handle and brings convenience to them in the usage of an enclosed product. Therefore, manufacturers need to use trendy packaging box designs to satisfy modern-day customers completely.

Cardboard sleeve packaging is highly in demand these days due to its quality features. One, they are low-cost. Second, they can easily be customized into different shapes and styles according to the requirements. Third, they come with numerous printing options that allow makers to print them with customized artwork of their choice. Adding some other features like foiling, stamping, or any other makes them look extremely elegant and beautiful.

Similarly, you can use some other stocks as well for their design like cardstock paper and Kraft paperboard. It is the designer’s choice how they would like to design their packaging sleeves. The one they think satisfies their customers in the best way should be preferred.

Influential Luxurious Packaging Sleeves:

A simple packaging box can be converted into an influential selling tool. A product box impacts deeply on the buying decisions of the buyers. Give them an influential look by adding some luxurious features to their design. Use packaging sleeves designed and printed innovatively with your product box. The packaging sleeve adds an extra flare to the design of a box and makes it look highly attractive and beautiful.

Chicago, IL, May 2, 2018 — Most Americans agree that the design of a product’s packaging (72%) and the materials used to package a product (67%) often influence their purchase decisions when selecting which products to buy.

When customers see such influential packaging designs, it inspires them to buy a product. Sometimes customers do not require a product but its packaging design forces them to buy it. Therefore, try to give your product packaging an influential touch through customized packaging sleeves. Even top brands and manufacturers have adopted this technique to influence customers’ buying decisions.

Final Thoughts:

It is important to understand the importance of product packaging. Although the main purpose of packaging is to protect the enclosed product till it reaches the customer’s hand, another important feature of packaging is to inspire the customers to buy it.

Therefore, while designing packaging boxes both these factors should be kept in mind by the manufacturers. None of them should be neglected at any cost. Design the box with a durable and sturdy stock. Add beautification features to its design to make it look eye-catching for the buyers. Use a box sleeve to give a luxurious finish to your packaging box.

A box with a packaging sleeve or any other packaging solution with a sleeve is the perfect way to present a modern-day product. These packaging sleeves provide a cost-effective solution to the makers to give their products an attractive appearance. This enhanced look of a product plays a vital role in the success of any product.

How to Choose the Right Custom Packaging Company in Canada?

How to Choose the Right Custom Packaging Company in Canada?

A wise businessman knows the importance of product packaging. They know that their customer’s product experience starts from the point of receiving it. The first look of the product develops its first impression in the customer’s mind. This is why it is said, “The first impression is the last impression”. Once an image is imprinted on the customer’s mind about the product at its first glance, it is hardly changed afterward.

Therefore, a plain, rough, and filthy packaging box will not do any good to the brand image. Businesses need to adopt high-quality and attractive custom packaging boxes for their products to leave an impressive long-lasting impression on their customer’s mind. Enhance the unboxing experience of your customers to make efficient progress in the market.

“The Canadian flexible packaging market is witnessing a trend of eco-friendly packaging types from consumers and manufacturers. More than 40 Canadian companies recently unveiled the Canada Plastics Pact, a plan to recycle or compost 50% of Canada’s plastic packaging by 2025.

For this purpose, they need a reliable custom eco-friendly packaging Canada company that fulfills their needs satisfactorily. Now, how does a business know that the packaging company they are choosing is a reliable one for them and that it will fulfill their demands by all means? This is the question that is going to be addressed in this article and we will tell you what feature you should look for in a packaging company before opting for their services.  

Packaging Industry of Canada:

Canada has a massive packaging industry where you will find several different companies delivering all sorts of custom packaging solutions. The competition level is very high among them and it is very hard for any new entrant to take its place. Every company justifies its place based on its expertise in different packaging fields.

The advancements in technology have changed the complexion of the packaging industry completely. A few decades ago, product packaging was not a big concern for anyone whether it is the manufacturer or the buyer. Over time, the thinking of people has changed and now they prefer to buy products with attractive and useful packaging solutions. Packaging that brings convenience to them in the usage of a product.

This has forced businesses to move forward by leaving behind the old traditional packaging methods. Adopting new technologies become a mandatory need. Nowadays, where ever you go in Canada, you will find hi-tech packaging companies competing based on their expertise and new technologies. This has made it difficult for the manufacturers to select the right one among them.

How To Select the Right Custom Packaging Company in Canada for Your Business?

how to select right custom packaging

1. Analyze Your Product Packaging Needs:

Every product has different packaging needs. It is important to understand those needs first and then go for their packaging boxes. Who should understand these needs? Obviously, the manufacturers are the best judges of their products. They know very well what kind of packaging will go best with them. Therefore, before start designing custom packaging solutions for the products, they should analyze their packaging needs. Once you have this information, you can design more efficient and effective packaging boxes for your products.

2. Gather Information About Different Available Packaging Companies:

In the second step, you need to gather information about available packaging companies. Try to find as many companies as you can that you think can satisfy your packaging needs. Do a little research on them that what kind of custom packaging they are producing and what technologies they are using while doing it. This will help you in understanding their working procedures.

3. Approach them To Get Their Ideas About Your Needs:

The next step is approaching the companies and sharing your packaging needs with them. When you talk to them about your needs, they will suggest different solutions to your needs according to their expertise and resources. This will give you an idea that what kind of packaging they each can provide you.

4. Sorting out the Right Options:

The next step is sorting out the right options. You may have approached 10 to 12 companies during the search period but not all of them will be suitable for you. Therefore, now you will sort out the right options for yourself that which ones you think can provide you with the right custom product packaging Canada solutions for your products. This will make the final choice easier for you.

Features do you need to Look for In a Packaging Company

Which Features do you need to Look for In a Packaging Company to Select It?

All manufacturers have different thinking about their product packaging. They use different criteria to judge a packaging box. Some judge it on its durability and stability features while some look into its beauty and attractiveness. Whereas, some judge it on their budgetary lines.

Similarly, there are some other things as well that should look into before selecting any packaging company. Some of them are.

1. Custom Packaging Boxes Canada in High-Quality:

The top priority should always be the quality of the box. It should not be compromised at any cost. Once you compromise on its quality then the whole designing process will go in vain as it will not be capable of delivering the goods in their accurate shape and form to the receivers.

Select a packaging company that promises to provide high-quality custom boxes. Check the quality of stock they are going to use in their custom packaging boxes as the quality of the boxes is highly dependent on it.

Nowadays, cardboard, cardstock paperboard, rigid, and corrugated cardboard are highly preferable stocks to develop different kinds of packaging boxes. The selection of a stock is dependent on the nature of the product for which you are going to design the box. Therefore, make this selection very carefully because the complete efficiency of the packaging box is dependent on it.

2. Economical and Cost-Efficient Pricing:

The second important factor in selecting a packaging company in Canada is the cost. All the businesses have their set budget lines which they need to match. A high-cost packaging may impact the business’s other operations. Therefore, opt for a company that provides you with custom packaging boxes Canada in your budget limits.

3. Designing and Customization Options:

The third factor is the designing and customization options to develop impactful packaging solutions. The design of a box describes the final look of a product. Manufacturers want to give the best look to their products to inspire their customers. For this reason, they want different features to be added to the designs of the product boxes. It is only possible when the packaging company is allowing you some customization options.

Therefore, talk to the experts of the companies before placing your order. Check what kind of customization options they are offering while designing the product packaging. If they can fulfill your demands then proceed with your orders. Otherwise, look for other available options.

The use of technology plays a vital role in this phase. If a company is well equipped with advanced resources, then it will be able to provide these customization options for your custom packaging box designs. Their experts can guide you about the methods they are utilizing for the manufacturing of packaging.

4. Customer Support Services:

Customer support plays an important role in getting the desired product from any company. Your interaction with the company starts through the customer support department. They are the first people who guide you about the company policies and procedures.

They will tell you, what kind of services they are providing and what can they do about your query. This first interaction will give you ample knowledge about the company’s working procedures. You can judge their professionalism and expertise in their work.  

5. Turnaround Time for Your Orders:

Last but not least is the delivery time. There is a saying “Time is money”. Do not waste your time with companies that are offering long turnaround times for your orders. A custom product packaging Canada company equipped with proper resources should not take long to deliver your orders.

Viveprinting Canada:

Your search for a reliable and resourceful packaging company in Canada has just come to an end. Viveprinting is the name of trust and reliability. We are one of the top-rated packaging companies in Canada. We do not convince our clients, our quality work does. Go through our customer reviews section on our website and you will find a huge number of numbers of happy and satisfied customers.

What do we believe and what do we do? We believe in delivering the best quality products to our clients at the best lowest rates. You can complete our prices with other packaging companies available in Canada. You will find us way cheaper than them.

The use of top-quality stocks in our products makes them superior to our competitor’s products. Talk to our experts and they will guide you according to your product custom packaging needs and requirements. Our custom eco-friendly packaging Canada clients are greatly impressed with our quality products.

We have a team of experts who are available for your guidance and support 24/7. If you want a safe investment then Viveprinting is the best place for you. We offer our clients aftersales services as well. If you face any problem with your orders, we are always here for your help. Just give us a call or email and our customer support department will take care of your query.

The Benefits of Using Die Cut Boxes for Shipping and Packaging

The Benefits of Using Die Cut Boxes for Shipping and Packaging

In the present time, almost everyone has met the innovations and changes in the market. These revolutionary changes are overtaking traditional tactics and ideas. Here the packaging industry is facing the same struggle of handling modern methodologies. So every manufacturer should understand that their die cut boxes of products need and demand high-quality presentation.

It is how one can get betterment in the printing and packaging solutions. By impacting the great success with the die cut packaging, the manufacturers can attain a boost in sales. Apart from this, before making any kind of investment, you should understand what die cut packaging itself is. Right?

Well! It is the modern printing and packaging technique. In this packaging, we use the latest biodegradable materials. They are formed in any shape, style and size with the help of a die cut machine. These boxes are able to fit almost every item. If we talk about design, it is reliable and versatile. With trustworthy resources, the product packaging is different from one another.

Whether your product is small or large in size, we can design the box according to its requirement. Without making any compromise on the quality, we will provide the box with your product’s shape and size. Most of the time, these custom die cut boxes are made of kraft paperboard, rigid material, corrugated cardboard, and cardstock.

Why do you need the Custom Die Cut Boxes?

Being a part of the packaging industry and modern market, you cannot opt for anything without knowing it. Isn’t it? So you should pay attention to the fact that you need a custom die cut boxes. Well! The die cut packaging is very special for mailing products and goods. Although, you will feel the enrichment in the packaging material.

So you can easily customize your product’s desired size and shape. Additionally, you have the great opportunity to add beauty to the styling of the custom die cut packaging. Are you facing negative remarks from customers just because your product is distorted while shipping? It’s time to end your struggle with this packaging box.

It is a box which is highly applicable for protecting your product from any kind of distortion while shipping. Additionally, these product boxes will preserve the inner item from moisture, dust, extreme weather, and surroundings while sent to the customers. Its impressive styling will hold the customer’s interest in your brand for a long time.

It is highly efficient to invest in incredible and useful packaging instead of compensating for the broken product with the new one. These boxes are not specified for one kind of product. For example, you can use it as an apparel box, postal box, gift box, or mailer box. We assure you that our designs can work as inspirational packaging in the market to grab the customer’s attention.

So are you thinking of arranging an event? And you want to make it special for your customers or attendants, right? Here we have brought an astounding solution to this problem. You have the chance to personalize your custom die cut boxes for your specific event’s themes. In the event, you can place the gifts in these packaging boxes to thank or appreciate your guests.

Similarly, online shopping trends are also on rise. Modern-day people are becoming aware of online shopping methods. This saves them time and hassle in acquiring anything by visiting the market themselves. 

A study reveals, “In 2022, the online shopping trends have increased significantly as the online shopping methods are easily accessible to people. Globally 73% of the consumers said they did online purchasing once a month in the last 12 months”.    

By keeping in view this trend of online shopping, manufacturers are also adopting ways to sell their products online. For this purpose, they are opting trending packaging styles to present their products on their websites. These eye-catching packaging styles encourage the buyers to buy these products from sellers’ websites. 

Die Cut Boxes of Corrugated Cardboard Material

Die Cut Boxes of Corrugated Cardboard Material

First of all, do you know why customers prefer die cut packaging in the modern era? Well! Its answer is not complex enough to leave you struggling with thoughts. Customers prefer it as a mailer box or a postal box. It involves strategies that can cast great impressions of your packaging on the end users.

Okay! So what exactly do we do with the corrugated cardboard material for packaging? Firstly, we select the right and versatile material for your custom die cut boxes. It contains sheets of single walls of cardboard. We cut and shape the material with the help of die cut technology. We will insert the box without applying any packaging tape to it.

Paper containers and packaging, excluding corrugated boxes, had a recycling rate of 20.8 percent, while corrugated boxes had a recycling rate of 96.5 percent in 2018.

Additionally, do you have any idea that printing the logo on the boxes can also take part in the branding? It is a unique way to introduce your brand to the end users. You can ask for printing the logo either on the inside or outside of the box. Whenever you choose a Custom Die Cut Packaging, ensure that you have taken the measurements for the internal dimensions.

Benefits of Die Cut Boxes

Everyone knows that it is the demand of the time. Die Cut Packaging has brought revolutionary changes in the printing and packaging market. No one can deny its usage, demand, and benefits in the present time. Here we have mentioned some great benefits of these packaging solutions.

Inserts for Die Cut Packaging

Well! Let us tell you about the inserts to make a better understanding of their usage in the Custom Die Cut Packaging. Have you ever noticed that you often get fragile or luxury gifts or products in the packaging where they are placed in some kind of safety stuff? These are the inserts.

It prevents the products or goods from colliding with the walls of the box while shipping. Additionally, it is highly applicable for packing one or more items. It is so the products often get distorted when colliding with each other or with the walls of the box. In simple words, you can say that it works as the base for your product to hold it in place.

Here we are providing three types of inserts: 

  1. Cardboard 
  2. Cardstock
  3. Foam

Customization of Your Requirements

It’s quite interesting that the end users can customize their product’s requirements. For example, whether your product is fragile or not, you can specify what you want for it. In addition, the custom design will perfectly fit your product. You can personalize your die cut packaging design and styling following your product’s requirements.

Bespoke Size Die Cut Boxes

What if you invest in ready-made boxes and it doesn’t fit in your product? Somehow sounds like a nightmare to you, isn’t it? Okay! It is challenging that you cannot make any compromise on the size of the box. We have brought the best solutions for all of your printing and packaging problems. We will provide the bespoke size for your Custom Die Cut Packaging with great safety and preservation.

Easy Packaging

Although you are running a business and implementing the best strategies for it, it will impact a negative impression on the users and the competitive market if you are unable to deliver the packages in time.

For that reason, you need packaging that can lower the burden on the workers. Here you will see the enrichment in the value of Custom Die Cut Boxes. They have a user-friendly interface, so they are easy to assemble and disassemble without using any kind of glue or tape.

Eco-friendly Material

Eco-friendly Material

Apart from everything, you will find that its packaging material is eco-friendly. It provides versatility as well as sturdiness to protect the products or goods inside it. Moreover, you can say that it is a great way to replace old traditions with new tactics. It is how users will pay attention to your uniqueness in the product and its packaging.

With the latest styling and designing, the manufacturers are providing the possibility of investing in something new and unique. Here the use of die cut machines will help in cutting the box material in difficult shapes and sizes. For example, it is applicable if you want a shape like a pyramid or a tube.

Printing Options for Die Cut Packaging

Here’s another benefit of choosing to die cut packaging. You can opt for the different colors from the CMYK or PMS. Our dedicated team has brought astounding printing options for the manufacturers of different products.

You can impact a massive audience with these printing options. With the advancement of printing techniques, you can make a choice from these options for designing the outside of your packaging box.

  • Flexography
  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Offset lithography

Multiple Coating Options

Moreover, do you want to design your Custom Die Cut Packaging with high-end finishings? You must nod yes. So, we are introducing you to multiple coating options. In addition, it depends on your product and packaging material which lamination will show great compatibility with it. Here we have mentioned the coating options for our product manufacturers.

  • Glossy
  • Semi-glossy
  • UV coating
  • Soft touch lamination
  • Aqueous coating
  • Silver/ Gold foiling

Biodegradable Die Cut Boxes

Today everyone is changing their thoughts and priorities regarding nature. People are showing great concern for biodegradable printing and packaging. Being an end user, you can contact us without any doubt, as we are providing outclass eco-friendly and recyclable materials for the die cut boxes.

You can also use these recyclable boxes for different purposes. For example, once you have received your product in the packaging of a rigid box. After unboxing the product, you can use the box in the gardening soil or as a decoration piece to place the stationery.

Final words

It’s time to summarize the whole discussion about the die cut boxes. We all know that different companies are changing their perspectives from traditional packaging methodologies towards modern and novel ways. In the market, die cut boxes are a solution to many problems. It attracts more customers toward your brand and products. So think accordingly and invest in the right thing here to attain a remarkable identity in the market.

How to design a trending Pharma Packaging Solution?

How to design a trending Pharma Packaging Solution?

Do you know about the ongoing packaging trends in the pharmaceutical industry? No! don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss how you can develop trending pharma packaging boxes. This will bring various benefits to the producers of pharmaceutical products manufacturers.

The main benefit of adopting these solutions is that they keep the enclosed products safe and secure till they are consumed by the users. The second benefit of using them is that they make the presentation of products substantial. Therefore, adopting them is not a bad idea for modern-day pharmaceutical manufacturers. These innovative packaging solutions will provide them a way to achieve excellence in their work and impress their customers by delivering products in their actual shape and form.

Now the question arises how would you develop efficient and trending packaging boxes? What are the features they should possess to impress the customers? Let’s discuss them below. First, we talk about the emerging pharmaceutical packaging trends.

Need for Efficient Pharma Packaging Solutions:

You can present your product in different kinds of packaging solutions but making this presentation effective and efficient is the main case. Pharmaceutical products are very sensitive by nature. They can get contaminated easily and could wreak unrepairable damage to the users. This is why we are emphasizing an efficient packaging solution, not only a packaging solution.

What are the main features possessed by an efficient pharma packaging box?

  •         Readability
  •         Protection
  •         Sustainability

These three features enhance the efficiency of any pharma packaging to a great extent. Therefore, designers need to concentrate on these three points while designing it.

How do these features impact the performance of the packaging solution? Let’s check it out.


It is one of the most important features in the designing of any pharma packaging. This is related to the textual printed material on the packaging. It is the most important part of the printed artwork for any pharma product as it works as the main source of information for the users.

Whenever they buy any pharma product, they will check its packaging first to read the information printed on it. This check will tell them whether it is suitable for them or not. After that, they will make a buying decision. Therefore, this information must be correct and accurate by all means. Otherwise, it can cause huge harm to the end-users.

Normally, this information contains the following things.

  •         Brand Name.
  •         Manufacturing date.
  •         Expiry Date.
  •         Usage directions.
  •         Information about salts and other ingredients used in its making.
  •         Information about the dosage as per adult, child, and others.
  •         Storage precautions.

Every drug label must possess this above-mentioned information. It helps the buyers in getting the right medicine for their problems. A slight mistake in this information could cause a huge loss.


Drugs are highly sensitive products. They are directly linked to the health of humans. Therefore, drugs and everything should be designed and manufactured with immense care. Even their packaging has immense importance in their work. A slight mistake in its manufacturing could lead to a big disaster.

Every drug is quite sensitive to environmental factors. They need a packaging solution that protects them from those environmental factors like heat, moisture, and others. Otherwise, they get contaminated easily and will cause more damage than cure.

Normally, we see drugs packed in dual packaging solutions. First, they are packed in bottles or blister packaging solutions, and as secondary packaging cardboard or cardstock boxes are used. This keeps the drugs completely protected from getting contaminated.


It is important to understand the importance of environmental sustainability. The use of non-biodegradable materials like plastic in the making of packaging can cause damage to the environment. This is why it has always been suggested to pharmaceutical manufacturers to use biodegradable materials such as cardboard, Kraft paper, and others for the making of packaging solutions.   

The same policy goes with the glass bottle used for pharmaceutical products. Now, you might be thinking about how you can recycle these glass bottles. There are two ways of doing it. One, there are recycling centers available for this purpose. They collect the bottles and paperboard boxes to recycle them.

A study shows “Approximately 46 million tons of paper and paperboard were recycled in 2018 for a recycling rate of 68.2 percent, which was the highest compared to other materials in MSW. Paper containers and packaging, excluding corrugated boxes, had a recycling rate of 20.8 percent, while corrugated boxes had a recycling rate of 96.5 percent in 2018.”.

Second, some pharmaceutical companies have adopted policies to take back these bottles. They do the recycling of the bottles for themselves.

Trending Pharma Packaging Solutions

Trending Pharma Packaging Solutions:

Some packaging solutions are always in trend for pharmaceutical products.

  •         Blister Packaging.
  •         Glass Bottles with labels.
  •         Medication Patches.
  •         Foil and Paper packaging solution.

Their design and structure keep the drugs safe and secure as they move through the supply chain. The performance of these packaging solutions keeps them trending for a long time.

Blister Packaging:  

This is a packaging solution that is mostly used to pack drugs in tablet form. It is made from a single plastic sheet. The back of this packaging is covered with printed foil paper. The printing of the foil paper contains all the information about the drug like ingredients, brand name, dosage information, and others. An important part of this information is the expiry and manufacturing dates of the product. The only drawback with this packaging is its non-biodegradable material. It is not an eco-friendly material.

Glass Bottles with labels:

Glass bottles are considered as highly efficient packaging solution in the pharma packaging companies. The glass bottle packaging remains incomplete without its medication labels. The labels pasted on the bottles contain important information about the product. This helps the customers in buying the right product according to their problem.

Medication Patches:

It is the new way to deliver drugs into the bloodstream through the skin. These medication patches come with printed labels on them. The ink used in these labels should be the right one approved by the regulatory authority. The use of incorrect inks may contaminate the drug and therefore, is not recommended to use for it.

Foil and Paper Packaging Solutions:

The paper packaging is getting approval from the manufacturers due to its eco-friendly nature. Paper material is a biodegradable material that helps maintain the sustainability of the environment. With that, foil covering in many packaging solutions also provides the same kind of results as paper packaging is providing.

Pharma Packaging with Customized Printing Solutions

Pharma Packaging with Customized Printing Solutions:

There are different types of printing methods available to the manufacturers to print their pharma packaging. Some of them are cost-effective while some are expensive. Therefore, manufacturers need to understand the difference between them before selecting them.

The most utilized printing technique for pharma packaging is flexography printing. There are different reasons behind its selection which are defined below.

  1.   Durability: flexography printing technique provides long-lasting and durable printing solutions on pharma packaging. They do not get dull and remain in their actual look after a long time of their printing.
  2.   Economical: Flexography is an economical printing method to get custom printed pharma packaging in bulk quantities. It is less expensive than lithography and, in some cases, digital printing as well.
  3.   Quality: The printing quality you will get from flexography is far better than other printing methods. It allows you to print 1 to 3 colors of artwork on the packaging with ease. The cost of printing raises by almost 10% with the addition of the second color then a further 10% with the addition of the third color. Therefore, single-color printing is cheaper than 3-color printing material.
  4.   Speed: Another important factor that makes flexography the first option of many designers is the speed of printing you will get with this method. You will get bulk printing jobs done with this method in no time.
  5.   Productivity: The wastage of material during this printing method remains minimal. This enhances the efficiency of this printing method to a great extent. Less wastage means more productivity.     

Emerging Pharma Packaging Trends:

With the development of stocks and printing technologies, the methods of designing product packaging have been revolutionized. Especially, the use of cardboard, Kraft paper, and cardstock material has changed the concept of packaging completely.

These materials are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Their biodegradable feature makes them a perfect choice to design any kind of packaging solution. The Pharma packaging companies are also getting benefits from these materials and developing unique and novel designs of drug packaging.

The flexibility and suppleness of these materials allow the designers to mold them into any desired shape and style easily. This helps in developing eye-catching packaging boxes. Most pharmaceutical products use cardboard or cardstock boxes as their secondary packaging solutions. Therefore, designing them with style improves their look to a great extent.

What do modern-day pharma manufacturers expect from their product packaging?

  1.   Convenient Production of packaging.
  2.   Environment-friendly packaging.
  3.   User-friendliness

All these qualities can be achieved with packaging boxes made from new-era building materials like cardboard, cardstock, or Kraft paper. This is why modern packaging trends are changing with time.

Final Thoughts:

Custom printed pharma packaging has great importance due to the nature of the product they are carrying. This is why it is always been designed with great care. It starts from the selection of an appropriate material, then comes its printing, and then it’s delivery to the customer.

A packaging solution is not worthy of appreciation if it is beautiful in look but not capable of delivering a product in its actual shape to the buyer. Therefore, it is necessary to produce packaging that provides safety and beauty both at the same time.

An efficient pharma packaging solution must protect the enclosed drug from getting contaminated during its supply chain. With that, the packaging must bring convenience to the customers in its usage. They should get the desired information about the product from its printed artwork on the packaging. All these features come together and produce an efficient packaging solution for products.

What is the Role of Custom Printed Boxes in a Product’s Success?

What is the Role of Custom Printed Boxes in a Product’s Success?

A traditional packaging box gives a boring and dull look to the buyers. What do manufacturers need to do to build their buyer’s interest in their products? Make their product presentation better. Use custom printed boxes for this reason. A packaging box with customized artwork printed on it refreshes its look and appearance a great deal.

Surprise your customers with your novel packaging styles. If you keep repeating the same old things then your customers may get disappointed by your brand. This will encourage them to move on to the next brand producing the same type and quality of products as you are but with better presentation.

Therefore, it is a game of playing with the minds of the buyers. Don’t let the buyers lose interest in your products. Keep producing something new and unique to surprise them now and then. This will keep customers engaged with your products and they will not bother about what other brands are producing.

Custom made printed boxes may cost a little more than traditional packaging boxes but they will improve your product’s worth extensively. Their eye-catching artwork must be noticed by the customers instantly. What else do you need to know about custom printed boxes?

Important Attributes of Custom Printed Boxes Artwork:      

Some specific printing features need to be understood by the manufacturers before they start designing their product packaging. If they miss those attributes in their printed material, it will make the artwork completely pointless. Therefore, designing appropriate and effective artwork in an art. It needs to be done through experts or a person who understands the needs of printed boxes.

Custom Printed Boxes with Logo:

Every maker develops a unique brand identity in the market. Different factors are involved in developing this brand identity. One of them is product packaging. Every product packaging carries a brand identity with it.

“A survey reveals that it takes 5-7 brand impressions before a person remembers your brand.”

Every brand has a unique brand logo and name. It becomes their identity in the market. When buyers see the product, most of them recognize it through its packaging style and design. Therefore, it is important to develop product packaging with care and caution to develop a powerful brand identity in the market.  

Custom printed boxes with logos are one of the best ways to keep reminding the buyers about the brand identity. How will they work in educating customers? When customers see a product packed in a printed box. There are some specific attributes that they notice at first sight. The brand logo printed on the box is one of them.  

It is the first thing that tells them they are buying the right product from the required brand. This satisfies them completely and they shop with confidence. This is why custom printed boxes with logos play an important role in the success of any product.

Using Product Images in Printed Artworks:

Another important attribute of the product packaging printed artwork is the addition of interactive and interesting product images in it. Most customers rely upon the product packaging to get maximum information about the product they are going to buy. Therefore, when they see product images printed on its box, they get an idea about its usage.

It is always recommended to use high-resolution and clear product images in the printed artwork. Try to get images of the product from different angles and dimensions to deliver an accurate idea to the buyers about the product. With that, print the product images in their actual colours. Do not fake the colours that will make the artwork doggy for the customers and do not leave a good impression on the customers’ minds.

Adding Textual Material in the Artwork:

The importance of textual material in the artworks cannot be neglected. Buyers do get a lot of knowledge about the enclosed product and its usage from the printed textual material on its packaging. Therefore, adding accurate, correct, and up-to-date text in the printed artwork of the packaging boxes is important.

The added text should be written in clear readable fonts. The font size should not be too small or too big. Adjust it according to the design of the artwork and make it convenient for the readers to read it easily. The colour of the text should be prominent which enhances the readability of the text.

Keep in mind while designing the artwork that this printed text on the product box is the first main source of information for the customers to know about your product. If they find anything doggy or incorrect in it, it negatively impacts their minds. In other words, they will lose their confidence in your brand name. In the future, they may not buy your brand products or remain very careful while buying them.

So, use your product packaging printed artwork to build your customer’s confidence rather than destroying it. Provide them with correct and accurate information through the printed artwork and win their confidence to keep them loyal to your brand.

Use Relevant Colour Combinations:

Use Relevant Colour Combinations:

Custom printed boxes allow the makers to give their product packaging boxes a dream look. They can alter every feature of its printing according to their desires. One of the most important ones is selecting the right colour combination for their printing.

“The right selection of colours increases brand recognition by 80% according to a Loyola University Maryland study.

Some colours get associated with the brand image. People start recognizing their products by seeing the same colour combinations on their product packaging. Therefore, it is recommended that the brands stick with one colour combination. Use the same colour combination on their different product packaging to make them easily recognizable to their buyers.

“Loyola University Maryland study also stated that an identifiable brand can enhance its revenue by 10-20% in comparison to other unknown brands.”  

It is not necessary to always use bold and sharp colours in designing the product packaging artwork. In some cases, soft and elegant colours also enhance the beauty of the product packaging. Therefore, select the colours according to the packaging needs and requirements. Do not overcook your design as it may get ruined. Keep things simple and straight. As there is a saying “Simplicity is the best beauty”. Implement this thing in your product packaging printed artwork designs and make them look highly impressive and attractive.

Develop Custom Printed Boxes on a Variety of Stocks:

The advancements in printing technologies have extended the options for manufacturers to create their product packaging boxes on a variety of stocks. They can print them with innovative artwork easily. This gives their packaging a remarkable look and appearance.

What are the available options?

  •          Cardboard
  •          Corrugated Cardboard
  •          Cardstock paper
  •          Kraft paperboard

The above-mentioned stocks are rated at top of the list to develop custom made printed boxes. These materials come with easy and convenient printing options. This provides the freedom to the designers to print their packaging with their desired artwork.

Cardboard and cardstock materials are highly efficient to print any kind of artwork. Different printing techniques can be utilised for this purpose like.

  •          Digital Printing
  •          Screen Printing
  •          Flexography
  •          Lithography

Digital Printing:

This printing method is ideal to use with bulk printing of boxes. Custom printed boxes wholesale production relies on the cost-effectiveness of this printing method. Digital printing brings full-colour prints directly on the surface of the stocks like on cardboard, cardstock paper, or any other.

Screen Printing:

This printing method is also used for bulk printing of boxes. In this method, the artwork is not directly printed on the surface of the boxes. First, a screen is prepared of the artwork and then through this screen, it is imprinted on the boxes.


It is a simpler form of printing option in comparison to digital or screen printing. It provides 1 to 3 colour printing solutions. Normally, this printing technique is used to print shipping boxes.


If you are looking to get high-quality printing on your product packaging boxes then lithography is the way to do it. In this method, the required artwork is printed on the paper first and then this paper is pasted on the surface of the box.

These printing methods can be utilised according to the printing needs and requirements. The selection of one printing method out of these is highly dependent on two main factors.

  1.   Time
  2.   Cost

The digital printing method saves time by printing a high number of boxes quickly. It is done directly on the surface of the stocks which saves time. Similarly, the cost of printing remains low if you use fewer colours in it. A single-colour printing solution costs you less in comparison to a 2 or 3-colour printing solution. The addition of a single colour may increase the printing cost by 10%.

Whereas, lithography provides you with high-quality printing results but it costs you more than other printing methods. This printing method takes more time to finish the printing job as it is completed in two phases. The first phase comprises printing the artwork on paper and in the second phase laminating it to the box. Therefore, this printing method takes longer than digital printing or flexography printing.

Requirements of Custom Printed Boxes for Different Industries:

Requirements of Custom Printed Boxes for Different Industries:

The packaging needs vary from industry to industry. Therefore, it is important to understand those needs before starting designing the packaging boxes.

Food & Pharmaceutical Industries:

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, product packaging printing plays a vital role in convincing the buyer to buy a product. The textual part of the printed artwork is very important as it carries the essential information about the product.

For example, it carries information about the ingredients used in the production of a product, shows the manufacturing date and expiry dates of the product, and other important things. Therefore, the custom printed boxes used in these industries need to design the textual part of the printed artworks very carefully.

Cosmetics Industry:

The cosmetic industry is huge. It produces a lot of different kinds of products for different purposes. What makes their packaging solutions attractive to buyers? It is the use of product images in their printed artworks.

Women are the main target audience of this industry. It is women’s psychology that they get attracted to pictorial presentation quickly. Therefore, using product pictures in the printed material of cosmetic product packaging boxes increases the interaction of women.

Toys Industry:       

Product packaging should always be designed by keeping in mind its target audience. Therefore, it is understood that toys are the favourite item of children. They should be kept in mind while designing toy boxes. In Particular, their printing should get the attention of the children at first sight.

How can you do this? It can be done by using bold and sharp colours in their printed artwork. Children do get attracted to products whose boxes are printed with flashy and glitzy colours. Printing toy boxes with artistic cartoon themes is another way to stimulate the emotions of the children. Custom printed boxes with artistic artworks are the need of the toy industry.

Final Remarks:

The importance of product packaging cannot be neglected by manufacturers. It plays a vital role in the success of their products. What do we understand from this article? The packaging needs vary from product to product. Therefore, you cannot use the same packaging box for all types of products.

The printing material of the boxes has always been designed specifically for a specific product. It will not provide the same results as other products. This is why the importance of custom printed boxes has increased over time.

Nowadays, manufacturers want to give their product packaging a new and fresh look through customised printed artwork to make them look stand out among the other products. This has raised the competition levels in the market as all makers try to adopt new technologies to print their product packaging innovatively.

Designing impactful artwork is not an easy task. It needs thorough research on the market, customer behaviours, and other aspects. After that designers become able to generate impactful artwork to be printed on the product packaging boxes. Once it has been achieved by the manufacturers, it will bring a lot of benefits for them. Their products get quick recognition in the market, and more customers will buy them, consequently increasing their profit margins. 

Top 7 Reasons for Using Custom Kraft Boxes

Top 7 Reasons for Using Custom Kraft Boxes

How Kraft boxes are different from other packaging solutions and why modern-day manufacturers are adopting them? It is due to the increasing environmental issues. People are also getting aware of these issues and they show their serious concerns toward them. This has forced the makers to adopt eco-friendly packaging box solutions for their products. Therefore, Kraft box packaging is the need of the time.

The Kraft material is one of the best eco-friendly stocks available to the makers. It is extracted from the pulp of trees. It is a completely recyclable and biodegradable material that provides an opportunity for the makers to develop environment-friendly packaging boxes for their products.

How will it benefit them? Every company needs to establish a high-confidence relationship with its customers. A strong bonding between a customer and a brand is essential. This will help the business in steady growth. The Kraft boxes provide the brands an opportunity to satisfy their customers properly. Once they are satisfied with the brand’s performance, they will keep buying their products and they can sustain their market growth.

Some of the major benefits of using Kraft boxes are explained below.

1. Kraft Boxes – A Recyclable Packaging Solution:

The Kraft material is a pure tree pulp as it is not bleached at all. When the paper is prepared, the original color of the paper is brown. It is bleached then it becomes white. So, kraft paper is purely a tree pulp with zero chlorine impact. This makes it 100% recyclable material with 0% destructive possibility on nature.

Some people do not like its brown color and they don’t use it. They have the option to get bleached Kraft paper in white color. The only back draw of it is that they cannot use this paper for some products like food items as chlorine is added to it.

Kraft Boxes – Provides Versatility in Styling

2. Kraft Boxes – Provides Versatility in Styling:

The packaging trends are changed over time. Now customers do not become happy when they see products packed in the same old traditional packaging solutions. It has pushed the manufacturers to adopt new packaging styles.

For this purpose, they need a stock that is flexible and supple to create unique shapes and styles of boxes. Kraft material fulfills its requirements appropriately in this scenario. It is a material that can be cut and molded easily into any desired shape. This improves the design options for the makers.

Kraft material can be used to develop different shapes and styles of boxes.

  •         Die-cut Kraft boxes with window.
  •         Display Boxes
  •         Lid Boxes
  •         Magnetic Closure Boxes
  •         Jewelry Boxes
  •         Kraft Food Boxes
  •         Tube Boxes
  •         Tray-sleeve boxes
  •         Kraft Gift Boxes

There are many other options as well. Even makers have the opportunity to customize the box design and style as well. They can give their Kraft box packaging any desired shape, size, and style that they think goes best with their product.

3. A Sturdy Building Material:

The main purpose of any packaging solution is to provide safety to the enclosed product. The rest comes after it. Therefore, the box should be strong and durable to hold the product in its perfect shape for a long time. It should not let the product damage during its shipping time.

The Kraft paperboard is a quite strong and durable material. It will allow the makers to design a sturdy packaging box for their items. It will fulfill their packaging safety needs satisfactorily.

Kraft Material – An easily Customizable Option:

4. Kraft Material – An easily Customizable Option:

A personalized packaging box design allows brands to present their product charmingly in front of their customers. Every maker wants to add some extra beautification features to their product box design to make it look appealing and tempting for its customers. This can be done through custom designing options.

Kraft material brings easy and countless customization options for the designers. They can utilize them to give a personalized look to their packaging boxes. What they can do? They can print their brand logo and name on the boxes, they can create a die-cut window in it to show customers little glances of their product or can do gold or silver color heat foiling on it. These customization options improve the beauty of the packaging a great deal.

5. Kraft Material Brings Various Printing Options:

Printing of packaging boxes is always been an interesting phase in their design. Kraft paper material provides different options to the designers in this regard. It can be printed in different ways.

Normally four types of printing are seen on the custom-printed kraft boxes. These are.

  •         Complete Printing in Single Black Color
  •         Complete Printing in Single White Color
  •         Glowing Colors Printing
  •         Full-color printing option

Makers can use any of these printing styles to give their product packaging an impactful and likable look.

Custom Kraft Boxes with Add-ons: 

6. Custom Kraft Boxes with Add-ons: 

These features are not compulsory to be added to the packaging box design. They are used to improve the beauty and productivity of the packaging boxes. Some of these features are.

  •         Foiling
  •         Embossing
  •         Debossing
  •         Lamination
  •         UV Printing

Some of these features reduce the biodegradability features of the Kraft material. For example, when you put lamination on it. It will not remain 100% biodegradable. Although if you try to separate the lamination from the Kraft material. It will not be separated easily. Therefore, select these ad-Ons options carefully.

7. Cost-Effective Packaging Solution:

A low-budget but highly effective packaging solution. How good this line is for the makers? Every maker wants to reduce their production cost to earn more. Getting an economical packaging solution is part of this strategy. It does not mean that they can comprise the quality of the packaging box.

Use custom Kraft boxes for this purpose. Kraft material is available in the market at a low price. With that, the equipment required to convert this material into efficient packaging boxes does not cost much as well. This reduces the manufacturing cost of custom Kraft boxes. You can give them any desired shape and style to get good results.

5 Most Important Tips To Ensure The Quality Of Custom Mailer Boxes

5 Most Important Tips To Ensure The Quality Of Custom Mailer Boxes

Being a businessman, you have been familiar with multiple things. Right? You are aware of your product’s quality, material, and manufacturing. If you cannot compromise on any of these things, how can you neglect the packaging issues?

Whether you are a retailer or business runner, you have to think twice when it’s time for shipment. We will resolve all of your issues with the custom mailer boxes, which are an efficient solution. They own high-quality material and sturdiness to protect your products while shipping.

Here we are offering you multiple printing options with elegant laminations following your product’s requirements. Apart from this, it includes highly cost-efficient packaging that will provide versatility with styling.

Tips for quality assurance of mailer boxes

Everything becomes more helpful if you organize it in a manner. In the digital era, most customers place orders on online platforms, right? The brands deliver their products to their doorsteps, don’t they? In all of these happenings, you should consider these significant tips for the quality assurance of your mailer boxes Canada.

  • Material

Undoubtedly, choosing the right material for your custom mailer boxes wholesale manufacturing is quite hectic. So we have brought biodegradable materials for packing your aesthetic products and goods. You can make a choice from this list:

  • Kraft material

Have you ever used kraft for printed mailer boxes? It is the paperboard that is flexible for your mailer boxes Canada. With its simplicity, you can accommodate it for different kinds of products. It is great for shipping purposes with its sturdiness and safety.

Corrugated material

  • Corrugated material

Do you want unique and sturdy material for your packaging boxes? All you need is the corrugated material for strengthening your product packaging. In addition, there’s another name for corrugated material: corrugated cardboard material. It is the combination of two paper sheets with a flute between them.

With the resistance, these corrugated boxes assist as an insulator to protect your product from temperature changes. We can design it according to your product’s size, shape, and layout. You can opt for corrugated cardboard boxes for their lightweight, sturdiness, and versatility.

cardstock material boxes

  • Cardstock material

When we talk about biodegradable material, we cannot forget cardstock. It is sturdy and thick paper material. On the other hand, this material is thinner than cardboard. If you want to add extra garnishing and coating for your mailer boxes Canada, then cardstock is a great option. With longevity, this material is available in  shiny and metallic surface coatings as well.

  • Coatings

Do you want high-quality custom mailer boxes wholesale for your brand promotion? Here’s a vital tip that will help you in attaining quality work. We have resolved your problems by bringing astounding coating options. Look at them and choose the one following your product’s packaging design and style.

  • Glossy Lamination

If you want a shiny or glass-like appearance of a layer on your product packaging, then gloss lamination will be a perfect choice. It not only provides a glossy look but also enhances the color’s vibrancy of the ink. You can choose it for business promotions, marketing of products, covering of significant information, or reports.

  • Semi-glossy Coating

So here you have the great option of the semi-gloss coating of the packaging material. In actuality, it is the coating that contains the finishing reflection in between the gloss and matte laminations. That’s why they are less shiny than any gloss-coated packaging. In addition, less shine doesn’t mean that it will dull the color’s vibrancy, as it will not mute the colors of your product’s packaging.

  • Satin or Matte Lamination

Are you looking for packaging that has a soft sheen to it? Then all you need is the satin lamination which can better adapt the backdrop prints and displays with the dazzling lightning.

Apart from this, if you want to opt the lamination that can show smoothness to the clear finishing, then matte should be your priority. The customer can easily read the information laminated in the matte. It also enriches your customer’s experience with the elegant and natural look of the product.

  • Aqueous Coatings

It is the clear and water-based lamination that is added to the printed items. Remember that this type of lamination is added during the printing process. When we use the aqueous coating, it rapidly dries and resists fingerprints. Apart from this, these coatings are eco-friendly.

  • Spot UV

If you want an elegant and transparent look for your custom mailer boxes, then end up your wait with the spot UV. In the printing process, these coatings are preserved with ultraviolet light. However, it will provide a premium look to your products.

  • Soft Touch Lamination

It’s time to tell you about the lamination that provides the velvety texture to your custom mailer boxes wholesale. It is the soft touch lamination that will provide a soft touch to the paperboard material. Additionally, it will enhance the actual attractiveness of the products. It is a fingerprint resistor with a softer look.

Eco-friendly printed mailer boxes

  • Eco-friendly printed mailer boxes

Have you ever shown concern for the sustainability of printed mailer boxes? Not yet? It’s time to pay heed to it. If we talk about small businesses, then it is a significant factor for them to stand out in the market. With the encouragement of the reusability of these boxes, brands can impact a positive impression on the user’s mind.

The custom mailer box packaging is made from materials like cardboard, cardstock, and Kraft paperboard that are eco-friendly as well as biodegradable in nature. It means that the customer can use it repeatedly. Additionally, it is not complex to dispose of these product boxes. With these boxes, you will not regret the versatility, durability, sturdiness, and immersive styling of the packaging.

  • Printing Options

If you want to compete with others in every manner, you should consider these high-quality printing options for your packaging. Here we have mentioned a list for your ease. Choose the one to stand out in your product in the market.

  • Lithography
  • Flexography
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Pricing

In the end, you have to consider this point as an essential part of your investments. Will you give the money to the people who cannot provide you with top-notch packaging solutions? Of course not. Then why not pay heed to it? Apart from this, you will find out our printing and packaging offers are reliable and budget-friendly.

Do you think that we will devalue the quality, material, printing, coatings, and ads-on in a budget-friendly investment? Well! We must say that it’s not true as we do not compromise on our services of printing and packaging.

Why choose us?

Whenever you think of making custom mailer boxes, ensure that they are sturdy enough to protect your products and goods. Apart from the durability of these boxes, your packaging and investment will be a loss if the design is not appealing to the end users. Contact us to place an order to level up your packaging layouts.

Saving Money with Wholesale Custom Boxes: Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Business

Saving Money with Wholesale Custom Boxes: Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Business

Do you want to be the top marketing spot? Also, you want your packaging to be the candy of customers’ eye, but thinking about the cost?

Cheap prices are tempting but do not guarantee durability and reliability.

What if someone told you the secret to reducing costs without compromising on quality and maintaining sustainability?

Remember “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. “

You can cut off your budget with wholesale custom boxes. Utilizing them wisely will open new directions and opportunities for your business. The use of custom shipping boxes wholesale can uplift your business from zero to hero. For this:

  • ·         It is necessary to know the requirement of your product and your niche.
  • ·         Who’s your audience so you can design your packaging to grab their attention?
  • ·         What platforms are they using if you have any online presence for a jaw-dropping design?
  • ·         What tactics are your competitors using and how can you perform better?
  • ·         What kind of material should you use for the cost-effective solution of your business?

Before placing an order, consider all these things to be on the top of businesses’ list and generate more revenue. Because a workman is known by their tool, if he knows the right use of tools, he will create a masterpiece else he will quarrel with his tools.

Design product packaging to reduce cost and increase sales:

Packaging is the first thing that your customers receive after placing an order. It should be stunning to stamp on the minds of the customers. If your packaging has something to grab the attention of the customers at first glance, it means you are on the right track to success.

Undoubtedly, the digital era has changed the dimensions of the world. Customers just do not prefer simple box packaging. They need a fun and functional element in it. That’s why it’s up to your designer’s creativity and how they help you shine.

For instance, the last time I came across a brush packaging, it was the same ordinary cardboard packaging but the design was fabulous, making that packaging funny and functional. So, it hooks the attention and cause impulse purchasing.

In the same way, a shoe company box printed shoe images on their box and used the laces as hinges/cords to carry that box.

Butter company designed butter packaging that its lid was designed in knife shape, it was really inspiring.

Another company designed their boxes in two halves which customers can use.

Most interesting thing was that a spoon was designed in a way that its handle had been used to fill the Careem.

These are the creative ideas that grab attention at a glance, mesmerize customers and make their minds for buying. Customization helps you to think and design out of the box. With Wholesale Custom Boxes, you do not need to worry while receiving an order what will happen if you do not have boxes for delivery? It will save amount, and time and keep your supply chain smooth.

Printed packaging boxes wholesale Stock packaging are budget-friendly:

It sounds good to buy something without the hustle and at a cheap price, but do you know it’s just on side of the picture?

  • ·         Design and printing your own boxes mean your product and business are worthy.
  • ·         You can customize your packaging as per your business’s needs, your product’s requirements and the demand of your potential customers.
  • ·         It will give protection and durability to your product and help you establish your brand.
  • ·         Brand recognition will promote your business and you will earn more business.
  • ·         A perfect fit product packaging will ensure safe delivery to users.

On the contrary:

  • ·         Stock or generic packaging is just a box, they do not promise protection of your product.
  • ·         You can’t brand your business and product.
  • ·         Delivery service provider will not be responsible for any damage to the item.
  • ·         Due to the packaging your product will remain on the last corner of the shelf waiting for the expiry date. This means you won’t get any sales and business.
  • ·         If no one is going to buy from you then what’s the concern of your business?


Hence Wholesale Custom Boxes will help you in your brand identity and precogitation. Ordering boxes in bulk will cut off the cost. Because your designed printed boxes teem to hidden magic.

What are the other issues of the packaging besides cost?

What are the other issues of the packaging besides cost?

In every business, there are many challenges and opportunities, but it’s up to our strategies how we nip the evil in the bud. If you have a business that requires packaging.

Some of the top-notch issues are:

Protection of product:

Boxes are designed to keep your product safe from any damage. You can consider Kraft boxes, Corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes for this.

Prices of packaging:

After Covid, inflation gets wings, it has really become difficult for businesses to cut off the cost. Along with the increase in box demand e-commerce business has intensified prices. Ordering Wholesale Custom Boxes can be a wise option.

Also, you can prefer to buy from a company that offers Free Delivery.


More than 50% of the population are global eco-friendly users, thus sustainability must be a vital part of your packaging.

Paper and paper-based items are biodegradable, eco-friendly and environmentally safe.

Smoothness of the supply chain:

For every business, it’s necessary to maintain the supply chain in regard to delivering orders on time. Why don’t you prefer custom shipping boxes wholesale, it will cut off the price and ensure on-time delivery. You can save your time to spend on other matters.

In what ways Wholesale Custom Boxes will justify the price?

Highly competitive dynamics made it difficult to receive the success call. With 6.80 inflation rate in Canada really made it tough to keep all the expenditures under one umbrella of budget.

Let’s check how packaging boxes wholesale can be a problem solver:

Minimize order returning:

After evaluating the needs of your product, your packaging will give protection to your product. Thus, it will remain safe from delivery damage. Which will eventually reduce order returns and be good for your brand reputation.

Attract new customers:

Handsome packaging with a suitable selection of Fonts, designs and colours when designed professionally attracts users and they eventually become your regular customers. Thus, you notice a boost in your sales.

Engage existing clients:

When you customize your design as per the demand of your customers it means you are giving them worth. Having a high ratio of existing and loyal customers help you to emerge as a brand.

Free advertising tool:

When you have imprinted your logo and other pertinent details of your company like name, contact number and email, your boxes will be your marketing and advertising tool without any extra expenditures.

And advertisement is salesmanship.

Impart feelings of luxury:

Adding some printing techniques like hot stamping, silver/gold/copper foiling, embossing, debossing or die-cut, window-cut, pillow boxes or ordering custom boxes with handles add feelings of luxury to them.

In this way, your customers will become your brand ambassadors, increasing customer retention.

Reduce shipping cost:

Size and weight are the factors that can increase the shipping cost. Ordering boxes prepared from kraft paper, corrugated paper or stock paper solve this issue. As they are lightweight and durable. Hence are cost-effective and economical.

Custom packaging will advocate your brand:

Custom packaging will advocate your brand:

After COVID world saw a swift transfer of businesses to e-commerce. Internet and social media have made every information of brands at their fingertips.

Canadians have embraced electronic commerce amid a major disruption in retail channels. In 2022, there were over 27 million eCommerce users in Canada, accounting for 75% of the Canadian population. This number is expected to grow to 77.6% in 2025. Increased online shoppers mean that retail eCommerce sales in Canada continue to climb.

Brand reputation depends on how your brand is perceived by the general public, customers, and competitors. Your packaging advocates your brand in retail stores and also online.

It will give you:

  • ·         A competitive edge
  • ·         High marketing values
  • ·         Customers loyalty
  • ·         High Return on Investment (ROI)

Companies already undertake the activities of bringing their potential customers to their websites and social accounts. This will let them understand:

  • ·         Demographic and geographic information
  • ·         Pros and cons of their product and packaging
  • ·         Spending habits of their customers
  • ·         Challenges to their business

Adding a Bar code or QR code on your packaging will lead your potential customers to your online store and social platforms, which will be beneficial to:

  • ·         Enhance your brand’s credibility
  • ·         Audit existing clients
  • ·         Increase your social appearance
  • ·         Create upsell opportunities
  • ·         Make marketing strategies for the targeted audience

Your brand can take all these advantages by ordering Wholesale Custom Boxes without costing a lot of money.

Custom shipping boxes wholesale manufacturers:

Custom shipping boxes wholesale manufacturers:

How to find a company, that you can trust to place an order?

Packaging, being an integral part of your business, needs most of your attention. Always prefer to place orders with trustworthy companies like viveprinting for outstanding results.

  • ·         Furthermore, must check out the reviews of other customers about the company.
  • ·         Consult one of their team members to know how strong is their grip on printing and packaging.
  • ·         You can also check Wholesale Custom Boxes Near Me to find out the best brick motor companies in your area.

Pulling it all together:

Reduction of cost increase profitability and availability of funds for your business. It’s also necessary to plan for your business, from where you start and where you want to take your business in the future.

Nothing is better for affordable packaging than Wholesale Custom Boxes in the Packaging business. Smart design technics will not only help you to boost sales but also to lead the relevant business niche.

What techniques you are using for low-cost, stunning and eco-friendly packaging?