The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

In the digital era, it is obvious that you will see many revolutionary changes. Some of them will make sense to enhance the customer experience, and some of them will just amaze you with no words. No matter how many times you feel difficulty understanding these changes, it’s in the nature of humans that you will adopt the changes.

What should be your priority as a business runner in the market who introduces multiple products and tactics to the end users? Well, it is significant to pay heed to the customer’s needs and requirements. You have to satisfy them as they are the people whom you are making products or goods for.

In addition, we all are aware of this that every successful business feels it challenging to provide astonishing customer experience trends. Right? Undoubtedly, you are already doing a lot, but we must say that it’s still not enough to get the required results. Well, the wait is over now, as you can delight your customers with a seamless customer experience.

Here, our dedicated team will guide you with the proper marketing trends and tactics to promote your product for a better user experience. Undoubtedly, nearly 86% of our stunning end users are gratefully willing to pay extra to attain this frictionless experience. It’s time to attain every single opportunity that can add value to your brand and products.

What is an experience in customer service?

Okay! Here your eyes may stop at a term which is customer experience design. Well! It’s not something that is complex to understand. Additionally, the whole journey of customer experience means that you are inspiring and changing their thoughts. With a great methodology, you will take them towards better research, buying, and usage of the product or service offered to them.

Apart from this, we will actively add the outclass buyer’s impressions and perceptions of your business. Well! It is a great opportunity for the business to express the feelings of their customers along with the product or any service. Here we are using the word feeling, don’t get confused with it, as it emphasizes the interactions of the customers with their manufacturing.

Didn’t you know that: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Once you have decided that you want to change your end user’s mind, you have to put effort into it to make the big changes. Let us put some valuable things into your research. We suggest you consider this journey free from mistakes, any kind of delays, or glitches.

Apparently, this kind of action will enhance the efficiency, smoothness, and engagement of the seamless experience. Do not forget that you should show consistency when you do all these things. Here you should implement this example for your ease. It doesn’t matter whether you are handling your deals with the customers online or in the store. You have to manifest your business in such a way that it could demonstrate the consistency of your tone and brand.

Do not forget to pay heed to the factor that you have to provide high-level customer service with a dedication to fulfilling the stunning orders of your customers. A seamless customer experience is, in essence, a completely good experience in which clients encounter no impediments to their purchase, with every touchpoint meeting or surpassing expectations.

How Important Is Customer Experience?

With the passage of time, it is obvious that you need to impact the lasting customer experience. As someone said: “Every interaction with your customers is a chance to become their hero.” Undoubtedly, it is a great way to make your customers happier with your business’s loyalty and empathy.

Apart from this, a study shows that 51% of customers stay loyal for the long term to the brand or businesses who offer them personalization of the suggestions. Additionally, these kinds of suggestions will work as an update in the experience of customer service.

Well! If you show consistency in your approach, you can attract 65% of new customers towards your business. They will definitely admire your inspiring advertisement for amusing themselves with the great customer experience. That’s why no one should make any compromise on its importance. It is how you can stand out in the crowd of competitors when the competition begins.

Customer Experience Trends shows Do’s and Don’ts.

Apart from every discussion, you have got enough awareness about the customer experience trends. Isn’t it? As it is the key point that plays a vital role in the recognition of companies and products. Undoubtedly, it is how business runners are taking the attention of the customers and enriching their experiences.

Well, well here’s a fact that will reveal many things to you. It doesn’t matter whether the customer stays or leaves your brand for your competitors, do not lack your astounding customer service. As it is now, nearly 89% of customers will definitely talk about your services in front of others. Although, the customer experience design will enclose the whole journey of the purchasers.

We all know how much it takes the time and effort of the whole team to bring a customer from seeing the advertisement to purchasing. We must say it is complex as well as fun to make efforts to win the customer’s trust and loyalty. In other words, you can say that these services for experience work as the root of human communication.

Are you not sure whether you are providing astonishing services or not? It is not that tough; you just need to focus on the right things. Let us tell you how you can make sure of your amazing services. First of all, you should see how to keep the right people in the combat zones. If you have dedicated servicing agents who have honesty, empathy, and patience in them, forget about all of your worries.

As you are already doing a great job from your side for the customers. It is compulsory that if your company lacks at this point, then make a strongly bonded team here before moving to any other step. Apparently, it is the base for developing many resources and guidelines. With these tactics, you will be able to support different channels.

These supporting channels will be helpful for empowering your employees. Despite this, when you appreciate or support your employees in their best performances, they will try to do more appraising things to serve the customers. On the contrary, we have mentioned some affectionate dos and don’ts that can affect customer service.

Have a look at these points and think about where you are lacking and where you are winning on the competitive battlefield.

Focus on these Do’s

Make internal communications for customer experience designs

Undoubtedly, we can say that we have seen many customers who buy the product and use it in different ways. As we all know that whenever it comes to creating a great customer experience, great companies will do whatever they will find helpful. For example, if we talk about smart companies, they will show the smartness and finest practices in their guidelines for 95% of the customers.

It often happens that your customer might hesitate to ask you for solutions. That’s why if you make contact on your own, they might be able to share the problem they are facing with the product. Isn’t it good that customer service tries to solve the problems by discussing them with the team and management?

When you discuss it, you will get the number of solutions for one problem. Now you can easily figure out what will be the best possible solution for your customer who is waiting for it anxiously. Ensure that you include it in the internal communication to enrich the experience of customer service.

Settled the incorporated messages in the customer’s communication

What is the most frustrating thing in any conversation? Think about it, did you get it? If yes, then good for a start, but if not, let us tell you about it. When we are talking to the other person, and they start taking pauses in between the conversation, it becomes annoying. Of course, it is part of the ethics that you listen to others with complete focus.

Anyhow, it becomes more annoying for the end users when they approach the solutions, and the company answers them with mixed messages. Apparently, it is the fastest way to rupture the customer’s faith in your company. Whether you are opposing the FAQ pages or with other servicing agents, show them that they are important to you and you have come up with the best possible solutions.

Okay! You might also be tired of doing all this stuff. Right? Thinking about the problem will only give rise to your problems, but if you direct yourself towards the solutions, you will get much more in it. In the case of finding the solutions to the incorporated messages in customer communication, we suggest you combat these situations.

Here’s the first thing that you need to do to provide easy accessibility to the well-known resource of employees. If you didn’t get it, let us make a clear statement for you. Listen, we belong to the printing and packaging company, okay? We provide multiple printing and packaging products as well as services.

Now you might become confused about what kind of service it is. Well! We have too many examples for you. If our client has gotten his order of the gable boxes and doesn’t know how to assemble, disassemble, and dispose of them, we will guide them with the best possible solutions. Apart from this, you should also add up this to your company’s customer service team.

Like encouraging your dedicated employees as they are the ones who keep an eye on the problems of the customers and make them feel their importance to your company. Do not worry about the maintenance of great communication with the end users, as your team will do great day by day.

On the other hand, you can use other useful tactics to stand out in the crowd of competition. We are talking about internal audits. All you need to do is schedule these audits in a periodic manner. It is how you will be able to update and unify all of your customer’s touchpoints.

Ahead- of- the- curve Customer Communication

What else can you do to attain the customer’s trust in your brand? Alas! It is not as complex as you are thinking of it. Let’s end your suspense with one more thing to add to your way of service for customer experience. Here is a strong fact you should empower customer communication.

It works as the center of the purchasing of the company’s aesthetic and sturdy products in the product packaging. When you reach out to your customers who have already bought your products, they feel that they are with a trustworthy and loyal brand. On the other hand, it is the best technique to build a strong brand-customer relationship.

Apart from this, if somehow it happens that your customers do not get what they want, then it becomes more important that you should communicate with them. It is how they will feel that you are showing great concern for them and considering their problems by supporting them.

Never settle down for the least in the competitive market. 

That’s why you should approach them in the most effective organic way. For that, you can set the automation of the emails to show attention to the end users. Undoubtedly, your customers will be satisfied that you took care of their needs and requirements.

Product’s Enlightenment for Customer Experience

Well! Apart from the above discussion, here we have brought out the question point. You should adopt this fact for the unmatched recognition of your stunning brand and its products. Okay! The fact is all about ending up the curiosity of the customers about your product’s details. In actuality, they want to know whether an agent has the authority to access the product and services or not.

Apparently, when someone is unable to navigate their company’s product, they are casting a negative impression on the end users. Undoubtedly, it is how you are breaking the confidence of your customers, and they will not get the answers to their queries. Ensure that your team does not lack at this point.

Apart from this, it is crucial that your customer should be satisfied with the given information before purchasing. Do you know that your statement can make up their mind to buy a product as well as move them towards no sale? Okay! One more thing, do not think that if you have sold the product, you are responsible for the customer service.

Don’t worry; we didn’t mean to make a hectic day for you. Here we are talking about the customers who have already purchased the products. You have to pay attention to their concerns if they are bringing the troubleshooting questions for you. In addition, you can help them in solving the problem by locating documentation.

Focus on these Don’ts

Treating your Customer as a Business Deal

Hey! Do you belong to the field where you provide services for enriching the customer experience design? Well, well, what else can you add to your happenings? Alas! Let us tell you about this to save you time. You can modify your thoughts in two directions when you interact with your customers.

We will discuss both ways one by one. In the very first way, you might think and treat your customer as a simple business deal. Like you are just doing your job to complete your tasks or goals. On the contrary, you have a second choice too. It is that you can be honest and empathetic to the customers to create a healthy relationship with them.

We must say that it is just like treating humans as they matter to you the most. And we think that it is a great opportunity for every single brand to make a strong relationship with their customer by listening to their needs and requirements. If you pay heed to the fact that customers are more than a business deal, you can influence them to repeat purchases.

Undoubtedly, it works as the strong and long-term customer relationship will attract a massive audience. Do you have any idea why it happens? Well! It is obvious that whenever a person listens to others with complete attention, it impacts them in a positive manner.

If we talk about our dedicated and drop-head customer servicing team, they deal with and retain the customers for the long term. It is how the old customers show their trust in the brand and its products. While on the other hand, the more you have the old customers, the more you will be able to attract the new customers.

Do not make Commitments if you can’t reach the Deadline.

Do you have any idea how long it takes to set a reputation in the market when you know how tough it is to make your impression? Why do the things that can take your efforts into big risks? We must say that do not make the commitments that you are unable to complete. For example, if you are having a conversation with your customer and you tell them you’ll be back in one to two hours, then you are making a commitment to them.

Be loyal and honest with your customers, as it shows the integrity of your company’s terms and conditions. It is so that you are responsible for making an inspiring impression on your customer service team as well as on the customers. As Micheal Leboeuf said: “Every company’s greatest assets are its customers because, without customers, there’s no company.”

Apart from this, it is significant that you cannot underestimate the time. Your customer’s time is as important as yours. We always talk about renewable resources, but have you ever related it to the time? Here’s a saying that will divert your mind towards the importance of time. It is “TimeTime is a nonrenewable resource. Once it is gone, it is gone. You will never see this moment again.”

Quit it right now if you are still making the same mistakes. Do not make your customers frustrated by leaving them waiting. Additionally, your customers might start thinking that your team is not taking their concerns and problems seriously. Undoubtedly it can happen that you are stuck in a situation where you won’t meet your deadlines.

Here we have a practical example for you to understand. Once, our dedicated servicing team was performing their daily routine tasks. Everyone was working efficiently on finding out the best possible solutions for their customers. Then one of them started the conversation with one of our old clients who was facing problems with the printing and packaging of their corrugated gift boxes.

He started the conversation with the customer and noted the exact problems. Our teammate left the client for one hour. In between this time, we have started a complete discussion about this problem. Then caught our customers again with the unmatched and aesthetic design of the packaging box. But there was a minor cute effort made by our teammate.

As our teammates don’t want to make it, they feel like this conversation is clumsy or unpleasant. Like it is a good thing that you simply text them instead of making excuses: “Hello there, can you please wait a little bit more than the commitment as I’m still working on your problem and trying to find out the best possible solution for you.”

Undoubtedly, these teammates are the real assets of the company who are not only loyal to the company but also ensure a strong relationship between the company and the customer. On the other hand, it is the key responsibility of the servicing agents of any company to communicate with the customers before meeting the Deadline. Apparently, it is crucial to use the right tools for contacting back to your customer.

It is obvious that you cannot bind your servicing agents to track all the calls to whom you have committed the deadlines for continuing the communication. If you don’t want to lose your customers and enrich the experience of customer service, then use the tools that work automatically. Like it will automatically show the prompt to the servicing agents that they have the Deadline to recall the customers in time.

Do not leave the customer’s chat open

If you want to bring the customer experience with great services and trust, show some ethics in your communication. For example, you have initiated a conversation with the customer. Now do not leave it on seen or make them feel that they have to wait for your response. It will make them feel that you don’t have time to listen to their issues and provide them with solutions.

Apart from this, if you think that the customer has ended the conversation, send a quick mark note to them. It is just for developing more confidence in your customer that their concern matters the most. With this, they will experience the resolution in the conversation.

Avoid the usage of Jargon for Customer Experience.

Okay! In between the conversation, do you like the things that can ruin your brand’s impact in front of the customers? Of course not; you will never do that intentionally. Right? But somehow, if you do so, it will be an awful step for your company’s reputation. For example, you are involved in an external communication. Suddenly you leave jargon in between the customer services while having interactions with them.

Do you really think that this jargon is understandable to your customers who are having a conversation with you? Of course not; it will only confuse them, or we can say that they might think that you are treating them as clumsy people. It’s really not okay for any company not to make such blunders to break the chain of customers’ trust in you. Apart from this, we have not only brought out the problem of jargon to you, but we have also come up with a solution too.

Well! You can avoid the jargon for great customer experience trends with the list of terms of your company. Now it’s time to de-jargon the appalling usage of terms that are made by our company or brand. Let us make an appealing understanding of it with your company or brand by giving you an example.

Here we go; if you are having a conversation with the customer, you can do some unique tactics to grab their attention. Like you can simply say gear settings instead of using the term set. As it will be more affectionate to them for raising the urge to know what it is.

Ensure the Best Practices

Do you know how it all starts? Like how you can take part in managing the tactics of customer services. Well! It all starts with the hiring of the right people who will provide astounding and useful customer services to our adored customers. You must be struggling with the thoughts that we look for in people to say that they are the right fit for the opportunity.

It’s not a tricky question, as the answer is very simple. We will prefer people who are honest and patient to handle the situations. Apart from this, it is highly appreciated and immersive that the person who is going to serve the customers can show empathetic behavior towards their concerns and problems.

Do you know why we are so concerned with the right customer service? It is so customer experience design demands it from the companies. If you own a company and want to build an impactful impression on the users, you need to make a splendid foundation of service agents. Do not think that the only person will be enough to handle the customers, as you are not taking a good decision.

You have to make a unified and sturdy department where all of your agents can handle the happenings in a good manner. Apparently, they will be lined up for a specific behavior and language. You must avoid the mess that can break your customer’s trust in your company and products. Here’s one more thing that should work as a priority for you. If you want to enrich your customer experience, you should not compromise on this factor of hiring amazing customer servicing agents.


Finally, it’s time to end the discussion to enrich the customer experience. Whether you are part of the serving team or the management team, you can get complete guidance from this article. Do not mess up things; if you have loyal and empathetic employees and long-term customers, then make a stronger customer-brand bond. Follow up on the dos and don’ts mentioned above for casting the impacts on the user’s minds as well as on the market.

Future Trends in Food Box Design and Branding

Future Trends in Food Box Design and Branding

Are you ready to learn about the future trends of food box packaging? How do you make unique design for your brands? Which packaging trends should you be aware of? Then, why are you waiting? We are here to assist you. In the food industry, packaging plays a key role. It has a significant impact on customers’ behavior.

Food box subscription in Canada is very common. People who have no sufficient time to go out prefer food box subscriptions. Businesses are highly recommended to use this service. Because it saves customers time and money and gives them peace of mind. It helps businesses to gain their trust. Ultimately when you achieve all these, your business will definitely grow. 

As technology advances, food businesses have seen significant advancements. New consumers prefer new trends in packaging. Here, we will discuss some best future trends in food box design and branding that no one wants to ignore. On the other hand, it will be more helpful in making the food box packaging industry more efficient. 

List of Top Future Trends

Are you ready to learn about future food box design and branding trends? OK! Here we have come up with marvelous trends. Let’s look at them one by one. 

  1. Packaging Based on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Items

  2. Tactile Texture

  3. Personalized Packaging

  4. Unique Colors

  5. Transparent Packaging

  6. Minimalist Food Box Packaging

  7. Unique Barcodes

  8. Used Food Box Packaging Appear to be Brand-New

  9. Typography

  10. A Clean Label

Now, we will discuss these future trends in detail.

Minimalist Food Box Packaging

  • Packaging Based on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Items

In the last year, the industry has been shifting to support businesses making their product packaging more sustainable. Many companies are looking towards ways of packaging that are sustainable. You may utilize the packaging of your food box to promote sustainability. Additionaly,, it is also beneficial for our planet. Sustainable food packaging trends require a minimum amount of natural resources, which allows companies to produce food item packaging at a low cost and enhance its sustainability.

The Worldwide Sustainability Index Institute claims that 400 of the largest businesses in the globe discovered that their sustainability targets had increased by more than double.

Some food brands use QR codes in their packaging. Businesses may develop new food packaging options while being eco-friendly by using QR codes.

   2.Tactile Texture

All over the globe, every brand is looking for ways to make its food box packaging stand high in the market. Designers are always thinking of the best ways to make the appearance of a product eye-catching that reflect the brand’s objective to their consumers. We are seeing many techniques like embossing, debossing, and foil printing. That is why it is very important to think about tactile packaging. Businesses that are applying these techniques give value to the packaging, as they look so attractive.

According to Philip Morris:

“Good design is about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.

Nielson says, “ Packaging is always the first visual; however, tactile elements add an extra sensory aspect to the packing. It opens the door to a more in-depth exploration of the substrate via touch. This can grab customers’ attention. This is expected that the quality and packaging meet each other, which can be expressed visually or by touch.”

    3.Personalized Packaging

Have you ever looked at the food box packaging design and felt a smile on your face because it has a fantastic message written? We will tell the goal behind using these words or sentences is to create a better connection with the shopper.

It is an important and demanding trend to meet the consumer’s requirements. It is increasing day by day and becoming so popular in the world. One of the best examples is the Coca-Cola campaign of writing different first names has spread worldwide. Every business can use this trend, either small or larger. If you are a small food packaging business, it will benefit your company more. It can include messages, either sentences or eye-catchy words, graphics, or even the name of the customers on the packaging to make that customer feel special.

Research shows “Personalization can increase marketing spend efficiency by up to 30%.”

Customers especially pay closer attention to food packaging that represents their lifestyle and food choices. Good design always helps you to compete with your competitors.

    4. Unique Colors

Let’s discuss another notable trend: the utilization of unique colors. These are the colors that are rare and grab the customers’ attention. It helps the brand to stand out in the crowd. Many businesses prefer the use of natural colors in their products. Some other brands far away from the organic firm also use earthy colors to stand high in the eco-friendly movement. It is necessary to select a color palette that exactly matches your business.

    5. Transparent Packaging

This is another most leading trend in food box packaging. It is becoming popular because primary consumers are health conscious. They prefer such kinds of items that are away from hazardous chemicals. The reason behind this is to provide customers with accurate information related to the item, including its constituents.

Are you a health-conscious company, and you are trying to hide the items used? Then, it is not satisfactory for your company’s growth and reputation, and you are also misleading customers. It is mandatory to show it off to the consumers so they can easily read all the information. Healthy ingredients can be used as keywords to grab the customer’s attention.

Consumers are eager to learn about the food they are eating. Gaining customers’ trust is not easy; businesses have to earn by providing accurate information, for example, what’s its background, and conveying food safety is a good approach.

   6. Minimalist Food Box Packaging

Another interesting packaging trend you must know about is minimalist packaging design. Many companies are shifting towards simple, neat, clean, and uncluttered designs because customers want all these features. Brands should know that simple designs make the box packaging clean and attractive. It also decreases the manufacturing process’s price. Raw Pressery Juices and ketchup bottles are the best examples.

Additionally, it shows the value of the product and avoids overwhelming consumers with the artwork. If businesses use the same theme, it’s hard to maintain a position in the crowd. Many businesses use color in their minimalist designs to make a strong position in the world. For example, Denada Sugar-Free Ice Cream uses natural tones that aid them in making a strong position in the market. On the other hand, Quaker Oats use a friendly strategy by using vibrant color in their designs to make them stick in the world.

   7. Unique Barcodes


Packaging Based on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Items

As we know, today’s era is the era of technology; everyone has smart devices in their hands. Unique barcodes, also referred to as “Smart packaging,” and the use of sensors or other technology like social media interaction integrated into it come in it. Food box packaging with smart labels or QR codes printed on it may be read with the help of a smartphone. This is the best approach in product packaging. It also helps to track many factors, such as temperature, quality, PH, and freshness. It gives customers additional details about the product, like nutritional value and appropriate storage guidelines. It improves customers’ experience with the brand.

An amazing benefit of this packaging is that it helps to reduce the wastage of food by giving information to the customers about how they can utilize it. All Businesses need to know these innovative trends to maintain their position and meet customer demand. 

  8. Used Food Box Packaging Appear to be Brand-New

Retro style is an evolving food packaging trend in the industry. Customers will buy a product because it reminds them of a simple period since there is something about a nostalgic aesthetic. Many companies are returning to eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

“In 2021, some top providers of the packaging industry returned to plastic packaging because they were facing a shortage of cardboard. Amazon declares that the composition of recycled plastic film bags is now going to increase from 25% to 50%. And there is also an increase in the percentage of plastic padded bags from 15% to more than 40%”.

You can make your food packaging design and branding remarkable, which can be done by paying keen heed to the structure of packaging, including quality.

  9. Typographic Trends

Handwritten or “scrawled” writing has recently become more common in package typography. The appearance of the permanent marker, complete with streaks and irregular colors, as it shows that the product name is written simply and easily on the box, brings us back to the aesthetic roots.

In contrast to the more refined and flawless businesses, the images have a casual style. However, these patterns speak to the creative side and show more reality. For example, McDonald’s has been giving priority to clear typography for many years, and it has produced a significant impact on its brand identity. The reason is that simple typography is easy to read and understand. It’s obvious that if there is clarity in your design, then it promotes ease for the customers.

    10. A Clean Label 

Do you know the facts about clean and clear labeling? How powerful is it? Pay keen attention here; we will tell you in detail. Some food companies have placed more prominent and clear labeling at the exact center of their products for customers to view. If you are a health-conscious business that cares a lot about its customers, advertise it rather than hiding the information in the fine print. Healthy ingredients work as keywords that attract the attention of their customers.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up the things, we are sure that all these top future trends will help your business to make a strong position in the competitive globe. The requirements for tidy, efficient, and environmental solutions greatly impact future food box packaging trends. It is necessary to keep in mind that shoppers pay attention to spending their pennies. So, it is necessary to make your customers happy. Customers are excited about the product before opening it. So, you can take advantage to impress your customers by following these future trends. It’s time to stand for your brands by adopting these new trends.

Packaging Sleeve Design Trends: Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2023

Packaging Sleeve Design Trends: Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2023

Businesses are popping up by creating feel, emotions, and a sense of luxurious lifestyle with their sparking trends. Packaging sleeves are one pivoting medium for this purpose, regardless of the type of business!  

The sleeve packaging design trend in 2023 is about to reflect a response towards a mixed bag of rising inflation, stiff challenges, and the most important environmental crisis. Therefore, the box sleeve enveloping your products must consider these points.

The Statista Research Department revealed, “By 2025, the packaging market size in Canada is projected to grow to approximately 31 billion U.S. dollars.” This shows how the future of business people will get affected just by these tiny packaging boxes!

Being a business person vying to catch a crew of customers in your retail or online store, you must have a trendsetting identity. You must create your unique selling point, which should be delivered to your customers very strikingly.

This blog will be a trendsetting or table-turning point for those looking to excel in their rival market in 2023!

Packaging Sleeves; As Trendy Icons

cardboard sleeve packaging

Packaging designs are continuously evolving according to the rising trends. Packaging sleeves are the trendy icons of packaging designs in this digital arena. These are made up of paperboard and corrugated cardboard material. 

Cardboard sleeve packaging is the most eco-friendly box with an iconic style. You can engage your customers with the alluring design of your box sleeve with just a few clicks. Your branding matters greatly with effective designs that cannot sway with every new trend. 

Moreover, your cardboard sleeve packaging must reflect your brand’s imagery. The design must influence your customers in such a way that your customer must share or talk about it with his family and friends circle. 

Let’s start off by learning about the trendy sleeve packaging design, which will help you to resonate with your brand identity!

Top 7 Sleeve Packaging Designs; To Stay Ahead of the Curve

sleeve packaging design

The one and only way to stay ahead of the curve in a highly frictional market full of new emerging trends is to shake up with new packaging designs. The cardboard sleeve packaging with up-to-date designs and bracing looks can enable you to achieve your goals.

Here are some all-new design ideas with which you can beat your competitors with high leads even in 2023!

Tactile Texture

To create a pretty and fancy look to your box sleeve, you can add a textile texture. It is all about adding a texture seen as a rising surface on the box. It includes embossing and debossing on your specified style of artwork. 

Tactile texture also adds a foil prompting on the surface of your cardboard sleeve packaging, giving a metallic look to your box sleeve. You can also make a die-cut around your artwork which will depict your artistic image.

Mascot Illustration 

Adding a mascot illustration on your box sleeve is another way to engage your customers with your products when they pass through them. You can have any type of mascot with any cartoonish look, but there should be one mascot for a certain product.

This is about having the same mascot with varying styles and poses as well as with different stylish and colorful dresses. This will create a joyous and playful touch in your products. Moreover, this is an iconic way to grab your customers’ attention for varying flavors of the same product. 

Design with Maximal Inside but Minimal Outside 

box sleeve

This is all about a jacket which is as important as your beautiful outer shell. To get to this point, just focus on my next few lines! You can add a plush and glamorous design full of colors and other illustrations on the packaging boxes of your products. These will create an eye-catchy look, and your customers can have a spotlight effect on your products while placed on the shelves.

But there is another side of the image which you must encounter during the design of your packaging with the intention of targeting the maximum audience. That one thing is to create a minimalistic effect with that catchy and pitchy packaging box. 

Therefore, you must add a box sleeve covering your alluring and bright packaging box with a minimal and decent look. For example, a packaging box full of red, yellow, and bright colors can be covered with a simple black box sleeve. It will be a perfect combo of maximal and minimal to grab your customers’ eyes. 

Charming Color Gradients 

Color gradients are very enchanting when we see them on design software; Then, how can it not work if you use them on a box sleeve? As I said earlier, a box sleeve is a jacket to the packaging of your products or even the product itself. 

Thus, the color gradient can add excitement and freshness to that certain product or packaging. Designers use this trick as a base element in design, which is the secret behind their lavish and enticing designs. 

Pitchy Typography

Adding text with a oneness touch and playing the whole branding game on this one notch can enable you to stay ahead of the curve. But! This includes a lot of iterations and efforts to get an epitome benchmark.

This requires a complete hold on tips and tricks to get top-notch typography. It can include any shape and angle of the text with streaks and uneven colors. But it is much more grabbing than that of a text added to a box simply with no extra effort. 

Ingredients with Mesmerizing Display

For selling any type, your product needs all the necessary information imprinted on your packaging sleeves. This will create a massive and dull look if it is printed as a long, dark paragraph full of numbers and alphabets.

On the flip side, this information related to use and ingredients can be an engaging tool if you will add it in a tricky way. You can add punchy color pellets reflecting the ingredients of a specific flavor or product type.

Sustainable Imagery 

You can create your brand image up to the height by welcoming sustainable practices in all your business matters. You can add a touch of eco-friendly behavior to your products by designing them in a way reflecting a green impact. 

The reason is your packaging or box sleeve is not only a box now! It is the medium with which your customers can get a quick idea about your brand’s values. And this is when everyone is terrified about their worst climate changes. 

Therefore, adding an eco-friendly green touch to the design of your cardboard sleeve packaging depicts your responsive behavior towards your planet. It also shows that you are more concerned and careful about the well-being of your surrounding people. 


While mopping up all this healthy discussion, I will share a worthy opinion with you in order to stay ahead of the curve in 2023. That is to prefer only green materials for your products. Because our planet is undergoing a global boiling phase in July 2023, the worst expansion of global warming. 

Therefore, packaging sleeves are the most sustainable packaging mediums, and your customers are also more likely willing to pay extra for this practice. However, all the other packaging designs can also assist you in standing out in a rival market with a considerable lead.

5 Ways to Repurpose Toy Boxes for Home Decor

5 Ways to Repurpose Toy Boxes for Home Decor

Decorating a home is the aspiration of every parent. It comes into every parent’s mind how it is possible with a reasonable budget. This bigger problem of parents has been solved with the creative use of toy boxes. These boxes can be used for many purposes, like storing kid’s toys. On the other hand, you can transform the tired look of your home into a stylish one. 

Using your creativity on these boxes turns the home into paradise. Whenever you walk into your home, or any guest comes into your home, they will surely love the creativity and praise it. Parents buy many baby toy boxes yearly for their kids because of the number of toys. 

According to this stat: “The global toys market is expected to reach USD 437.05 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2022 to 2030.”

So, use these boxes wisely and give your home a unique look with these boxes. 

How to Decorate the Home with Toy Boxes – Things to Notice

In this article, we will provide several guides for toy boxes in detail on how to use the old boxes for home decoration. So, without wasting your precious time, let’s look at these 5 ways individually.

  • Turn the Toy Box into Shelves

Books are everywhere in the home. Parents, as well as the kids, love to read books. If not appropriately placed, it can create a mess in the home. Making a bookshelf with the old toy box is the best option to avoid this clutter. It gives a clean look to the house.

Cut the box’s front side only, join multiple baby toy boxes with each other, and make a bigger onebook shelf. It depends upon you whether you want to paint it or not. You can also use it simply. But for beauty purposes, you can use colors or paints. 

  • Use the Toy Box as a Side Table

Don’t waste these boxes. Make use of it to give a magnificent look to your bedroom. Toy boxes come in different sizes, styles, shapes or more. Some boxes are small, and some are big. 

Their size depends upon the size of the toy. Now it’s your turn which size of toy box you are using for your side table. Your creativity, or you can seek help from your dear ones and convert the box into a side table. 

A large toy box will be ideal for placing your many things on it. Because it gives a bigger space, you can put many items on it, like books, glasses, cups, bottles, drinks, or more. Renovate it with some unique features. 

It’s a fun activity, and it takes a little time. With minor effort, you can craft a box with some beautiful elements. You can cover the table with a sheet. Moreover, you can use paint, beads, or other accessories to make a magnificent side table. You can add lights on the table. When it is dark in the room, just turn on these lights and see the glamour of your side table at night. 

  • Convert your Toy Box into a Coffee Table

Here, we will discuss another fantastic way of using a toy box. Make a coffee table for your living room with a toy box. The coffee table can be a smaller one or a larger one. Both are suitable sizes. 

You can cut the box and give a different shape to your toy box, like making a round or rectangular table. You have to see which table suits your living room. You can cut small pieces of the box of different shapes, styles and use them for design. 

You can color them using markers or glitter. Or you can buy other accessories from the market that highlight your coffee table’s look and use it on the table. 

  • Make Stationery Box

Stationery is the need of everyone. Lots of stationery items are scattered in the home. One of the best ways to organize and increase the home’s beauty is to make a beautiful stationery box with toy boxes.

You can make the stationery box into different sizes, like round or rectangular. You can tie a ribbon to the stationery box . Moreover, you can color it. 

  • Turn the Box Box into Wall Art 

If you are a master in creativity, you may have multiple wall decorating ideas. You can make wall hangings, frames, or more. First, decide which art you are going to design. 

Suppose you are making wall hangings; you can make them with different styles and shapes and use thread, beads, artificial small flowers, or more. You can cut leaf-shaped strips and paste them onto the wall. It gives a stunning look to the wall. 

Wrap Up the Discussion!

In a nutshell, don’t throw away the toy boxes; reuse them and give them a new life. Use them again and provide a unique look to the home. You can do it with a little effort. It reduces waste. 

You can order or customize a bulk of baby toy boxes from Viveprinting. They have reduced the burden of the parents in organizing the home by making toy storage bins. They provide you with eco-friendly packaging. You can change the storage bins whenever they start getting old into home decoration pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

For what purpose a toy box is used?

A toy box is used to hold your kid’s toy. It gives an organized look to the home. 

Discuss some methods to repurpose a toy box for home decoration?

Some of the methods include:

  • Bookshelves
  • Flowerpot
  • Study table
  • Wall art

List some benefits of using old toy boxes?

Some of the essential benefits are here:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Change the look of the home
  • Creative activity, fresh your mind

What is the best way to organize the kid’s toys?

Toy box is the best solution to give an organized look to the kid’s play area and home.

What are the elements that make toy box packaging perfect?

Some of the elements are given here:

  • Eye-catching design
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to use

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