Saving Money with Wholesale Custom Boxes: Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Business

Saving Money with Wholesale Custom Boxes: Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Business

Do you want to be the top marketing spot? Also, you want your packaging to be the candy of customers’ eye, but thinking about the cost?

Cheap prices are tempting but do not guarantee durability and reliability.

What if someone told you the secret to reducing costs without compromising on quality and maintaining sustainability?

Remember “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. “

You can cut off your budget with wholesale custom boxes. Utilizing them wisely will open new directions and opportunities for your business. The use of custom shipping boxes wholesale can uplift your business from zero to hero. For this:

  • ·         It is necessary to know the requirement of your product and your niche.
  • ·         Who’s your audience so you can design your packaging to grab their attention?
  • ·         What platforms are they using if you have any online presence for a jaw-dropping design?
  • ·         What tactics are your competitors using and how can you perform better?
  • ·         What kind of material should you use for the cost-effective solution of your business?

Before placing an order, consider all these things to be on the top of businesses’ list and generate more revenue. Because a workman is known by their tool, if he knows the right use of tools, he will create a masterpiece else he will quarrel with his tools.

Design product packaging to reduce cost and increase sales:

Packaging is the first thing that your customers receive after placing an order. It should be stunning to stamp on the minds of the customers. If your packaging has something to grab the attention of the customers at first glance, it means you are on the right track to success.

Undoubtedly, the digital era has changed the dimensions of the world. Customers just do not prefer simple box packaging. They need a fun and functional element in it. That’s why it’s up to your designer’s creativity and how they help you shine.

For instance, the last time I came across a brush packaging, it was the same ordinary cardboard packaging but the design was fabulous, making that packaging funny and functional. So, it hooks the attention and cause impulse purchasing.

In the same way, a shoe company box printed shoe images on their box and used the laces as hinges/cords to carry that box.

Butter company designed butter packaging that its lid was designed in knife shape, it was really inspiring.

Another company designed their boxes in two halves which customers can use.

Most interesting thing was that a spoon was designed in a way that its handle had been used to fill the Careem.

These are the creative ideas that grab attention at a glance, mesmerize customers and make their minds for buying. Customization helps you to think and design out of the box. With Wholesale Custom Boxes, you do not need to worry while receiving an order what will happen if you do not have boxes for delivery? It will save amount, and time and keep your supply chain smooth.

Printed packaging boxes wholesale Stock packaging are budget-friendly:

It sounds good to buy something without the hustle and at a cheap price, but do you know it’s just on side of the picture?

  • ·         Design and printing your own boxes mean your product and business are worthy.
  • ·         You can customize your packaging as per your business’s needs, your product’s requirements and the demand of your potential customers.
  • ·         It will give protection and durability to your product and help you establish your brand.
  • ·         Brand recognition will promote your business and you will earn more business.
  • ·         A perfect fit product packaging will ensure safe delivery to users.

On the contrary:

  • ·         Stock or generic packaging is just a box, they do not promise protection of your product.
  • ·         You can’t brand your business and product.
  • ·         Delivery service provider will not be responsible for any damage to the item.
  • ·         Due to the packaging your product will remain on the last corner of the shelf waiting for the expiry date. This means you won’t get any sales and business.
  • ·         If no one is going to buy from you then what’s the concern of your business?


Hence Wholesale Custom Boxes will help you in your brand identity and precogitation. Ordering boxes in bulk will cut off the cost. Because your designed printed boxes teem to hidden magic.

What are the other issues of the packaging besides cost?

What are the other issues of the packaging besides cost?

In every business, there are many challenges and opportunities, but it’s up to our strategies how we nip the evil in the bud. If you have a business that requires packaging.

Some of the top-notch issues are:

Protection of product:

Boxes are designed to keep your product safe from any damage. You can consider Kraft boxes, Corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes for this.

Prices of packaging:

After Covid, inflation gets wings, it has really become difficult for businesses to cut off the cost. Along with the increase in box demand e-commerce business has intensified prices. Ordering Wholesale Custom Boxes can be a wise option.

Also, you can prefer to buy from a company that offers Free Delivery.


More than 50% of the population are global eco-friendly users, thus sustainability must be a vital part of your packaging.

Paper and paper-based items are biodegradable, eco-friendly and environmentally safe.

Smoothness of the supply chain:

For every business, it’s necessary to maintain the supply chain in regard to delivering orders on time. Why don’t you prefer custom shipping boxes wholesale, it will cut off the price and ensure on-time delivery. You can save your time to spend on other matters.

In what ways Wholesale Custom Boxes will justify the price?

Highly competitive dynamics made it difficult to receive the success call. With 6.80 inflation rate in Canada really made it tough to keep all the expenditures under one umbrella of budget.

Let’s check how packaging boxes wholesale can be a problem solver:

Minimize order returning:

After evaluating the needs of your product, your packaging will give protection to your product. Thus, it will remain safe from delivery damage. Which will eventually reduce order returns and be good for your brand reputation.

Attract new customers:

Handsome packaging with a suitable selection of Fonts, designs and colours when designed professionally attracts users and they eventually become your regular customers. Thus, you notice a boost in your sales.

Engage existing clients:

When you customize your design as per the demand of your customers it means you are giving them worth. Having a high ratio of existing and loyal customers help you to emerge as a brand.

Free advertising tool:

When you have imprinted your logo and other pertinent details of your company like name, contact number and email, your boxes will be your marketing and advertising tool without any extra expenditures.

And advertisement is salesmanship.

Impart feelings of luxury:

Adding some printing techniques like hot stamping, silver/gold/copper foiling, embossing, debossing or die-cut, window-cut, pillow boxes or ordering custom boxes with handles add feelings of luxury to them.

In this way, your customers will become your brand ambassadors, increasing customer retention.

Reduce shipping cost:

Size and weight are the factors that can increase the shipping cost. Ordering boxes prepared from kraft paper, corrugated paper or stock paper solve this issue. As they are lightweight and durable. Hence are cost-effective and economical.

Custom packaging will advocate your brand:

Custom packaging will advocate your brand:

After COVID world saw a swift transfer of businesses to e-commerce. Internet and social media have made every information of brands at their fingertips.

Canadians have embraced electronic commerce amid a major disruption in retail channels. In 2022, there were over 27 million eCommerce users in Canada, accounting for 75% of the Canadian population. This number is expected to grow to 77.6% in 2025. Increased online shoppers mean that retail eCommerce sales in Canada continue to climb.

Brand reputation depends on how your brand is perceived by the general public, customers, and competitors. Your packaging advocates your brand in retail stores and also online.

It will give you:

  • ·         A competitive edge
  • ·         High marketing values
  • ·         Customers loyalty
  • ·         High Return on Investment (ROI)

Companies already undertake the activities of bringing their potential customers to their websites and social accounts. This will let them understand:

  • ·         Demographic and geographic information
  • ·         Pros and cons of their product and packaging
  • ·         Spending habits of their customers
  • ·         Challenges to their business

Adding a Bar code or QR code on your packaging will lead your potential customers to your online store and social platforms, which will be beneficial to:

  • ·         Enhance your brand’s credibility
  • ·         Audit existing clients
  • ·         Increase your social appearance
  • ·         Create upsell opportunities
  • ·         Make marketing strategies for the targeted audience

Your brand can take all these advantages by ordering Wholesale Custom Boxes without costing a lot of money.

Custom shipping boxes wholesale manufacturers:

Custom shipping boxes wholesale manufacturers:

How to find a company, that you can trust to place an order?

Packaging, being an integral part of your business, needs most of your attention. Always prefer to place orders with trustworthy companies like viveprinting for outstanding results.

  • ·         Furthermore, must check out the reviews of other customers about the company.
  • ·         Consult one of their team members to know how strong is their grip on printing and packaging.
  • ·         You can also check Wholesale Custom Boxes Near Me to find out the best brick motor companies in your area.

Pulling it all together:

Reduction of cost increase profitability and availability of funds for your business. It’s also necessary to plan for your business, from where you start and where you want to take your business in the future.

Nothing is better for affordable packaging than Wholesale Custom Boxes in the Packaging business. Smart design technics will not only help you to boost sales but also to lead the relevant business niche.

What techniques you are using for low-cost, stunning and eco-friendly packaging?


Eco-Friendly Marketing: How Cardboard Displays Can Help Your Business Go Green

Eco-Friendly Marketing: How Cardboard Displays Can Help Your Business Go Green

“Packaging can be theatre; it can create a story.” And Cardboard Displays are the best actor of your Packaging story.

Packaging is an art and skill that add shine to your product. And eco-friendly packaging adds care to your environment and people. Over time, people are inclined towards recyclable packaging. Global warming has havoc effects on the world. That’s why on 22nd April each year, Earth Day is celebrated. 

It is the century of the digital era, where people are more educated and concerned. Social platforms are packed with plenty of information. Users can get desired, authentic, and relevant information with a single click. They prefer to buy from companies that offer sustainable packaging. In this scenario, nothing can beat Display Cardboard Boxes. 

The way cardboard displays are changing the packaging world

In the real world, we can see changes every day. Same way Packaging has its world. And new trends are introduced in their world. Cardboard is the latest eco-friendly fashion in the Packaging world. There are many names for Cardboard, like paperboard, fiberboard or carton.

But the point is that the fashions of the packaging industry also impact our business world. As the world has turned towards Green Marketing, here demand Cardboard has reached its peak. 

  • They give strength and protection to your product.
  • As they are sturdy and lightweight, they reduce the shipping cost.
  • Best to display in retail stores and extend the shelf life of your product.
  • An ideal fit for your brand identity and reorganization.

Let’s check how cardboard displays are profitable for your business.

No matter how good your product is, customers will not buy it. You must get enough business with proper display and marketing of your products.

Cardboard boxes are prepared with a natural element. They are compostable and be broken down into natural components, which makes them a perfect fit for Green Land.

Globally consumers’ top-notch priority is to buy from companies that use sustainable packaging. At the same time, you can deny the importance of beautiful and durable packaging.

People get attracted towards the enticing packaging. Suppose your product has packaging that can grab the customers’ attention at first glance, allure them and mesmerize them. Then you can emerge as a Recognizable brand. And give a boost to your business.

Cardboard displays are the best Eco-Friendly Marketing tool

Cardboard displays are the best Eco-Friendly Marketing tool

Paper-based products and packaging give you the edge to stand out in the market. Cardboards lie in the same category.

Display cardboard boxes that are safe for the environment. Global Marketing promotes the company that uses sustainable materials. These boxes are prepared to form recyclable material and thus play a vital role in the Go Green campaign.

Furthermore, you can add die-cut and window-cut options to make your boxes prominent. With eye-catchy packaging, users can see what is inside the box.

Hence without extra investment, you can use your Cardboard as free advertising and marketing tool. The process and way raw material for Cardboard is extracted, produced, used, and composted promote eco-friendliness.

3R Principles for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

Business dimensions are changing rapidly. Natural Packaging or eco-friendly packaging is the sustainable packaging that businesses are embracing.

All over the world, people prefer to buy from companies that offer a Go Green solution. That’s why it is essential to understand the 3R principle: Renewable, Reusing & Reducing.

  • Renewable:

Packaging your product from renewable sources, such as Cardboard, is made from raw material wood makes it eco-friendly.

  • Reusing:

Packaging composed form recyclable material that can be recovered and revamped easily. It plays a significant role in the Global environment.

  • Reducing:

When it becomes easy to renew and reuse, packaging reduces the usage of raw materials. And suitable for Go Green Movement.

Cardboard Displays an excellent Product Displayed Quickly (PDQ)

Cardboard Displays an excellent Product Displayed Quickly (PDQ)

As Cardboard is famous for its durability, people design them as a counter for products. All the products that use packaging that does not need any further container are known as PDQ (Product Display Quickly).

Whether your product is on the shelf, counter or at an exhibition stall, Cardboard will stand out your brand. Product Display Stand, display rack or interactive display make your product prominent and help to attract thousands of eyeballs towards your product.

Design your packaging using cardboard displays, and make them your Unique Selling Point (USP) from users’ point of purchase (Pop).

Go Green Business in Canada

Paper and paper-based packaging are known for their sustainability. Canada plans to reach net zero by achieving a greener and cleaner environment. Hence, if you want to have a successful business in Canada, you must meet Canada’s legal packaging standards.

Adopting eco-friendly and compostable packaging will give your packaging an edge. And you will be a part of Go Green Business in Canada. Cardboard Displays are undoubtedly a wise option for green land.

Canada has joined over 120 countries in committing to net-zero emissions by 2050, including all other G7 nations (United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan). Many provinces and cities have already made net-zero-by-2050 commitments, including Guelph, Vancouver, Hamilton, Toronto, Halifax, Newfoundland and Labrador, and most recently, Quebec.

Worth of Cardboard Boxes Dimensions

Product size matters in packaging. In this way, you can get a great end-user experience. The standard sizes of the boxes are

  • 12x12x12 inches
  • 16x16x16 inches
  • 18x18x18 inches
  • 22x22x22 inches
  • 24x24x24 inches

But you should order the dimension of your packaging boxes as per your product. An ideal packaging for cardboard displays will get the customers’ attention and ensure the product’s safety. And prevent delivery shocks to your product.

Cardboard Display for Retail is Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase in physical or digital marketing displays encourages the user’s purchasing decision. They are designed in a way that not only makes your design beautiful. But also help users to see what’s inside your product. At the same time, it will grab the consumer’s attention at first glance.

It has been observed that the things which gain more attraction have the maximum chance of selling out. Cardboard boxes can be designed to hold the product and ensure its safety and durability. It not only improves customer engagement. But also help your brand to increase brand awareness and enhance the credibility of your brand.

Cardboard displays are best for all business sectors, including cosmetic, apparel, pharmaceutical, candle business, bakery items and many more.

In stores, it will attract customers towards your product even from a distance, which will help you to increase sales.


Are you looking for a barebone?

Cardboards are a sophisticated branding channel if your aim is a unique brand identity, not only generic packaging. You can create various designs using Cardboard, including kraft boxes, display boxes, auto locks, and tuck boxes. Customize them as per your need.

  • Use the latest printing and packaging techniques. Go with embossing, debossing, foiling or anything that stands your business out from others.
  • Create a catchy eye design for your packaging. Ensure the safety of your products. Stay in the minds of your customers as a strong brand.
  • Don’t just focus on the packaging but on stunning packaging with cardboard displays. And be a part of eco-friendly packaging.
  • Be a part of the Go Green Movement whether you are an entrepreneur, new business venture, small business or enterprise.
  • Focus on bridgeable, compostable and recyclable Display cardboard packaging.

Hence, in eco-friendly packaging, nothing is parallel to Display Cardboard Boxes. Evaluate what kind of packaging you are using. Is your business using packaging that is environmentally responsible?

Custom Printed Labels VS Woven Labels – Which is Best For Your Brand Identity?

Custom Printed Labels VS Woven Labels – Which is Best For Your Brand Identity?

You know you can cast a deep impression of your apparel with the custom printed labels on the user’s mind. Let’s give great reasons to your audience to pick up your clothing brand. Undoubtedly, many questions will be running through your brain. Don’t make a mess of thoughts and questions in your brains. The list of questions may include: why choose between two clothing labels? Which one gives you the option of details and astonishing color collaboration?

It happens when the Customer interacts towards buying the clothes; they see the custom sticker printing with short and long significant instructions. Here is a brief answer to your curiosities. You can choose woven and custom printing labels for clothes branding. You may feel it challenging to select the one, as both are stunning in designing, coloring, and stuff. With the stepping stone of multiple factors, you can decide what will go with your branding and requirements.

Importance of Promoting brand with Labels

Okay! Many brands or product promoters have secrets that they imply to catch the attention of the end users. Maybe you don’t think that the labelling matters in the branding. But it can make your efforts fruitful. Literally, if you want to boost your branding, then this is the thing users will notice at first sight.

A signature is a thing that often manifests the personality of one person. Similarly, the printed labels will indicate how strongly you admire the end users. It is the way to tell your audience about your credibility and the style of the products. If you want to stand out in the digital market without investing in high-quality labelling tags, then you are lacking at a significant level.

Moreover, the incredibility of the brand beholds a significant place. The worthy label will represent the cutting edges if designed with the right material. Its versatility will beautify the product’s demonstration, sewing technique, color, and design. Do not take such risks that you compromise on the quality of the printing labels.

What kind of material are Customer Printed labels offering to you?

What kind of material are Customer Printed labels offering to you?

We know that custom labelling can be the choice of a wide range of brands, but somehow, you may want the change in the fabric, right? Let’s look towards these materials options for the custom labelling.

  • Vellum custom labels

Somehow, there’s a fantastic fact that recycling products can catch the user’s attention. Similarly, you can choose vellum custom labels for branding your products. We suggest you do not go for the vellum labels with laminations.

  • Biostone custom labels

These kinds of custom labels have unleashed the market with the manufacturing material of the stone. It will allow you the ecological options for the labelling tags. With the stone paper, you will observe that it is water-resistant. Without laminations, the biostone labels will provide durability to your labelling designs.

  • Kraft custom labels

Here you have the Kraft labelling that will also win the titles for recycling. Get in touch with the kraft paper to amuse yourself with the organic and homemade sensations of the designs. Its natural color will opt your thoughts for creativity in your product’s branding.

What kind of material woven labels are offering to you?

Here we have mentioned the astounding materials that will enrich your interest in the woven labelling for the branding of your product. It includes:

  • Woven Damask

Do you want versatility in the material for your branding tags? Then why are you waiting for anything when the woven has brought the damask material to the market? It will provide you with the board styling and variations. If you want to manifest your audience with the classy and kingship of your brand, then this is the thing you need to append for the tags.

  • Woven Satin

Do you ever pep up for cloth shopping from different brands? Frequently, you have interacted with the labels on party dresses and men’s apparel. Are you thinking of branding your products with top-notch quality and material? Well! It is the right thing that will be a helping hand for you. Welcome the second child of comfort and traits in promoting your brand.

  • Woven Taffeta

Have you often heard of labels that have made up of low-density polyester? The Taffeta woven labelling has made up of the same material. If you want the product labels dead as a dodo, taffeta will be compatible. In addition, the industrial area that wants to showcase its outdoor apparel and footwear can invest in woven taffeta labels.

What is the difference between Woven and Custom Printing Labels?

What is the difference between Woven and Custom Printing Labels?

You will interact with multiple labelling services when you go through the market. Undoubtedly, many labels will speak up and match your brand’s aesthetics. Here we have the example of woven and custom printing labels. The users often ask many questions regarding the labels. The most common is which one is better to enrich the experience: woven or custom stickers. Take a look at these significant differences to make an ease for yourself.


Firstly, the material used in woven and cheap custom stickers is different. It is the first thing that could help you understand their differences. When the users interact with the woven labels, they will notice the softness of the printed material. You will notice the sewing of the soft-touch woven along the edges. The end users can quickly wear garments whose label has not made up of irritating stuff.

On the other hand, custom sticker printing uses vinyl material for labels. These kinds of labels may be removable or permanent. The brands prefer them for the garments when they want to give significant information about the cloth to the end users. The material used for its printing might include paper or plastic.

Quality of the labels

Quality is the thing that can engage the designers and audience for an extended period. When we say high-quality production, then woven labelling is the best decision. Most of the time, top-notch designers use woven labels to represent their signature in the fashion market.

While the custom labels may not have a design that seems to be of high quality. With lean styling, these labels are useful for many items where other labels must show better branding compatibility. For example, they are the best choice for branding the signature of the kid’s garments and toys.

Colors collaboration

The visuals create a significant impact on the user’s mind. They remind the things that are seen to them. In the visual representation, the colors play a significant role. But both are lacking when discussing the color representation for woven and custom labels. 

These limitations allow the maximum number of 12 colors’ collaboration for the woven while less than that for customers in single labelling. In addition, if you want to add the image or logo to your label with variant colors, you must scale back to these fewer colors.


Here you have the woven labels that will not lose their look even after years. It is not wrong to say that the woven label does not fade away its quality with time. The users who have used the products with the woven labelling better know that it looks great, as you have seen from the first day along with your product.

In contrast, printed labels are less likely to show durability. With time, they lose the refreshing and vivid colors of the design. You can say that they fade quickly after replication of usage. For example, if you wash the product with a custom label, its refreshing design will not appeal to users anymore.


The production period starts when fashion marketers have decided what they want from us. Okay! If you want to introduce your brand’s signature on the woven material, the wait is necessary as it is the time taken. But we promise that you will get high-quality work in your hands.

Although custom printing is the thing that attains speedy productions, it is so because custom labelling has a significant turnaround in the market. That’s why you weren’t part of the waiting queue. With the fast deliveries, you can grab the opportunity to order custom-printed labels for branding your products.


Whenever you think of investment, you will estimate your budget following the requirement. With the heavy budgets, the woven label’s production takes time. Do you know why it is more expensive than others? It is, so we must choose the mesmerising woven design and the immersive hand-stitched wool. In addition, if the users have specific demands, then expenses and time may increase accordingly.

Moving to the cheap custom stickers, they are easy to pocket for short-run orders. First, think about what you want to showcase your brand. Undoubtedly, you can order custom-printed labels for multiple purposes. For example, you may need labels with a detailed or short text. It may contain the brand’s name, size, and small instructions. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing between custom-printed labels and woven is challenging for everyone. Do you think settling down to the minimum sources will benefit your business? Of course not. If you are running a business and branding your products to the market, why not showcase the key point that is the label?

Between the comparison of the woven and cheap custom stickers, both are playing win-win in the garments market. But there’s a fact that they both are useful in different manners. Firstly, think about what your products are and what matches the vibes of branding between the woven and custom labels.

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